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   Nov 09

ENGLISH 10 – 1.1/1.2

HOMEWORK: Due Wednesday

  1.  “I Am Here Today Because I Am Gay” speech – read, do Qs, prep for reading quiz, and do your 1 Lit Circle Role sheet.
  2. IF YOU WERE ABSENT, you’re missing 2 pages from the speech. Come by and get them and/or contact someone who was in class to get a picture or something of the 2 pages so you can do your homework. AND you need to hand in your Good copy Journal AND you’re Lit Circle Evaluation ASAP!
  3. Naous– you’re with Ren, Lauren, Jersey, and Rommiel.  Eula – you’re with Princess, Angelo, Raman, and Kyle.  Claire – you’re with Jaskirit and… I can’t remember!  Gabriel – you’re with Ghielene, Alyssa, Josh, and Armin.  Ashely – you’re with Raphael and… I can’t remember. Claire, Jenny, Gabe, and Ashley – you’re all doing Role 1 – Summarizer for the speech.
  4. Here are the videos I posted last time about Identity & LGBTQ-ness— click here —> Ellen Page Speech AND Ellen on Ellen AND Mini Movie: Imagine a World Where Being Gay was the Norm AND Ted Talk: Morgana Bailey AND Ted Talk: Geena Rocero AND Ted Talks: Grace James AND Ted Talks: Sabah Choudrey


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