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   Sep 26

ENGLISH 9 – 2.1


  1. LP $15 & Notebook
  2. Set up your Interactive Notebook – leave the first page as your TABLE OF CONTENTS. Leave the second page for your ENGLISH 9 WRITING title page.  On the BACK of your title page, glue/tape in the WRITING PROCESS handout – p.#1. Opposite the Writing Process handout, glue/tape/write in your BRAINSTORM for JRNL #1 – MY VALUES – p.#2. On the back of the brainstorm page, leave it blank.  I will be giving you a handout to put in – p.#3. Opposite this blank p. #3, on the top half of p. #4, LIST out your top 5 values, below or beside each, in note form write why and how it’s important to you & your life AND how/where/from whom you learned this value.  Ex. Hardwork – watching my parents work hard, sacrifice, and succeed.  I want to be proud of myself and I want to do well & succeed in my life too. 
  3. This narrowing down and adding details step on p.#4 is very important.  You will be taking this info and creating an outline and then using the outline to write your 1st draft, so DON’T skip this step.

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