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   Sep 26

ENGLISH 8 – 1.4/2.3

HOMEWORK: Due Wed/Thurs

  1. TERRY FOX DONATIONS! & LP $15 & Notebook
  2. Setting Pkg – “AutumntimeQs will be collected next time, so just make sure you added to and completed each question
  3. Flashcards – create 4 new flashcards for the poetry terms: Line, Stanza, Alliteration, Consonance. The definitions are on the “Special Sounds of Poetry” page.
  4. Setting Handouts & notebook – complete the “What’s the Setting?worksheet – read each of the 4 passages & then in note form write in the “Time” & “Place” details in the columns
  5. Block 1.4 – Set up your notebook using this info:
    1. Table of Contents – on the first notebook page
    2. Title Page – English 8 – Short Stories – on the second notebook page
    3. The 4 Parts of Setting Foldable – glue/tape blank paper we folded together into your notebook on the BACK of the title page.  Write pg.1 at the bottom. On each of the 4 flaps, write in the 4 parts of setting and on the inside of each, write in the definition
    4. What’s the Setting worksheet – glue/tape in the worksheet opposite the foldable.  Write pg.2 at the bottom. Complete the worksheet.

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