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   Sep 14

ENGLISH 11- 1.3/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Mon/Tues

  1. Read & highlight “Critical Reading of Short Stories” pkg & Narrative Presentation handout
  2. Read story – “Identities” p. 7- 11
  3. Fill in the first Story Notes sheet for “Identities” – NOTE FORM
  4. Do specific Qs for the section you & your group were assigned. Each group member should attempt to do all the group Qs (do not just divide the Qs), so that in class, as a group, you can piece together the best, complete answers that you will then be sharing & presenting to the class. If you were absent – Ankit find a group of 4 to join and do that group’s questions. Madjik – you’re in Group #3 with Kemuel, Rosh, Joshua & Kelvin.  You’re looking at pg. 8-9, paragraphs #6-7 & the Qs.
  5. Bring a notebook (spiral min. 80pg) that will be dedicated to ENGLISH.  You will be starting your personal journal responses.
  6. Review Narrative Terms

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