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   May 16

ENGLISH 8 – 1.1./2.1

HOMEWORK: Due Thurs/Fri

  1. Poetry Duotang – ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER (do NOT write in the duotang) – complete the”Similes” & “Metaphors” exercises
  2. Worksheet“YOU & I” – simile poem worksheet – complete the 3 steps: 1. list 5 ppl; 2. Fill in the simile descriptive chart for 2 ppl and yourself; take the similes you wrote for yourself and 1 other person and write “You” and “I” poems like the one on p. 38 in your duotang.
  3. POETRY PROJECT – Read through the green instruction sheet to remind yourself of what is required for your project. ¬†Brainstorm possible themes for the project and come to class with at least ONE theme that you could focus your whole project on. ¬†Word of advice: choose a theme that you like that is broad, rather than narrow/too specific, so you don’t limit your writing options- ex. life, growing up, friendship, travel, etc.
  4. Do your quiz corrections!

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