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   Mar 27

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4


  1. There Will Come Soft Rains” – collecting story map
  2. Journal #5 – Will peer edit in class.  See previous post for more info.
  3. Journal #6 – Watch both videos.  Connect the 2 poems to the stories we’ve read in this unit.  Man vs. Earth  AND Dear Future Generations: Sorry—  Consider how they connect to the story & the themes & the journals we’ve been discussing & doing
  4. Start to review your Qs, story maps & journals –  March 31stPart 1 unit test . Part 1 – matching/fill in the blanks – narrative terms.   PART 2 next week– written response – I will be checking for 2 things.  One is your skills and knowledge of proper writing structure.  The other is your understanding of the themes of the stories.  You’ll be writing on one of the themes that has come up in several stories.  You’ll have to discuss how that theme is shown in 3 of the stories by providing evidence/examples from 3 of the stories.
  5. Short Story Journals – I will be collecting all 5 journals – March 31st.
  6. Fahrenheit 451 – start reading!  The more you read over spring break, the less you’ll have to read when you come back to school.  Here are some interesting & helpful video links —> THUG Notes summary & analysis AND Summary & Analysis AND Crash Course – Novel info 

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