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   Mar 10

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday, March 28th

  1. TKAMread Chp. 9-12 (finish chp 12), do Qs #21-30
  2. TKAMWorksheetsCONFLICT – you must have at least ONE example for each conflict & type (1 for each box) for a total of 6 examples.  CHARACTERS – you must have at least TWO traits with examples for Scout, Jem & Atticus AND at least ONE trait with examples for Dill, Calpurnia & Miss Maudie for a total of 9 traits.  Remember, I’m asking for personality traits that represent who this character is (round characters).  The examples help to show & express the trait.  Here are links to LISTS of CHARACTER TRAITS to help you —> Personality Traits AND Positive Character Traits with definitions AND 443 Postive & Negative Character Traits
  3. TKAM – here are some useful links to help you understand the novel better —->TKAM -enotes summary AND  TKAM Introduction AND Sparknotes Video Summary AND Crash Course – Intro & Summary 

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