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   Mar 03

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

  1. The Murderer” – finish Qs & Start Story Map – Reading Quiz!
  2. Journal #4 – “The Murderer” – Does modern technology make our lives (more) better OR (more) worse?  Explain your response with 3 reasons.  Follow the Journal Structure sheet for your DOUBLE SPACED, in pen journal response.
  3. Freedom to Read Poster – find 2 books that you’ve read & enjoyed that have been BANNED somewhere.  Fill in the poster – Title/Author/Visual and info on when & where it has been banned. See separate post for more links.
  4. Group #3 – Class poster – each of you should come with ideas that look at how “The Murderer” represents a future utopia & dystopia.  Use the worksheet headings to help guide you.

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