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   Jan 20

ENGLISH 9 – 2.4

HOMEWORK: Due Feb. 1st

  1. LP – Using What You’ve Learned
  2. LP Unit #2 test– Friday
  3. Journal #8 – Use the writing techniques we’ve been practicing & the 2 Technology articles -Topic: Discuss the advantages & disadvantages of technology.  You can use yourself or your experiences for examples as well as the info in the articles.
  4. Good copy – Journal # 7 – Critical Thinking
  5. Good copy – Book Review
  6. Good copy – Movie Review – use the book review handout, but write about 1 of the 2 Reel Canada Film Fest Movies
  7. All GOOD COPIES – should be typed, double spaced, MLA format.  Click on the English 9 tab above for more info
  8. Here are some links to help you study for your LP Unit #2 Test – –>Subject-Predicate Quiz —> Identifying Sentences —> Complex Sentences —> Compound or Complex? 

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