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   Jan 20

ENGLISH 11 – 1.2/2.2

HOMEWORK: Due Jan. 31/Feb. 1

  1. Movie Review Worksheet/Template for ONE of the 2 movies you watch. This must be completed for the first class back. CLICK HERE —> Movie Review Worksheet
  2. Lit Circle Reading & Role Sheet
  3. Essay Journals #1-3 completed
  4. Socratic Circle Sheet – make sure you have notes filled in for all parts of the Socratic Sheet for all 3 essays & the videos I posted earlier.  If you need more space to write, click on the Eng 11 tab above for another Socratic Sheet
  5. Lit Circle Novel Project sheet – I will have a copy for each of you, but here’s your chance to look it over & get started – Click here —> Lit Circle Novel Project 2017 AND How to Write a Book Review
  6. Lit Circle resources – read & watch the following to help with your novel 

Lord of the Flies W. Golding’s Intro Interview, W. Golding Background Info, Spark Notes – LotF

Maus – A. Spiegelman discusses MausLitCharts Maus

Obasan– J. Kogawa InterviewSpark Notes – Obasan

The Book Thief – Interview with M. ZusakM. Zusak TedxLitCharts – The Book ThiefSpark Notes – The Book Thief

A Thousand Splendid Suns K. Hosseini interviewLitCharts – ATSS


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