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   Jan 18

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4


  1. Take all of your “baby steps” resources for “The Metaphor” – mom & Ms. Hancock character traits & evidence, compare & contrast handouts & notes, LP lessons, AND your detailed outlines and write your body paragraphs.  You need to decide if your compare & contrast writing body structure: Block – 2 paragraphs or Point by Point – 3 paragraphs.  Make sure each of your body paragraphs has a clear topic sentence, good supporting details – examples, quotes, reasons, etc., transitions words/phrases, etc.
  2. Your body paragraphs should be IN PEN and DOUBLE SPACED.  You MUST bring your writing next class.  
  3. Read over the handouts on intros/conclusions.  You will be writing your intro & conclusion next class, but if you want to get started at home, that is a good idea.  Remember to include what is needed for a good intro/conclusion.

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