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   Jan 04

ENGLISH 10 – 1.3/1.4


  1. 2nd draft of extended metaphor – Focus on improving your vocabulary, adding imagery, and adding sentence variety.
  2. Reading Goals sheet!
  3. The Metaphor” – Character analysis & compare/contrast – Make a chart that lists AT LEAST 10 character traits for Ms. Hancock and 10 traits for Mom (20 traits total).  For each trait find evidence from the story – a quote – that shows/explains/proves that trait. Follow my example – Ms. Hancock – colourful – “She was fond of … lipstick – in hot pink or something closer to purple or magenta”(215).  ** Please note – do not mainly focus on physical appearance.  You should be analyzing personality more.
  4. Make sure you’ve completed the story map for “The Metaphor”

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