Science 8 Biology 12 deadlines

Science 8

Block 2.1 and 2.2; workbook 5.2 due Monday Jan 22, workbook 5.3 due Wed Jan 24 (some class time to work on study sheet, you should do some at home)

Block 1.2 workbook 5.2 and 5.3 due Tues

Biology 12 midyear exam, will cover everything we’ve done ūüôā check your course outline to see the chapters covered

(off the top of my head, ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, part of chap 20 (p 380 381) most of ch 25, first part of ch 26 and definitely page 375 and everything there about thyroxin!)

Again, Midyear Exam dates are Block 1.1 Thurs Jan 25th, block 2.4 Fri Jan 26th and since it’s long and you only have one block to complete it, come early, stay late (block 1.1 we’ll use jo reads and into lunch to noon max; block 2.4 we’ll start at noon and end when you want).

Biology 12 Digestion Lab :)

Digestion Dissection Activity: Observing the Pork Stomach and Large Intestine

Using the Compound Light and Dissecting microscopes, attack your lab using the worksheet provided in class.

Pork Bung (Rectum and large intestine)

Pork Stomach (2 layers)

The following three structures are to extend your learning and completely optional:

Pork Tongue (superficial, taste buds)

Omasum (smaller honey comb thin structure)

Abomasum (Honey Comb Tripe)

Copy and paste the following recipe to find what to do with these structures when we’re done with them:

Due dates (each person hands in their own): Block 2.4 due Thurs Jan 18th

Block 1.1 due Tues January 23rd

Science 8 Reminders and Deadlines

Chapter 4 Test

Block 2.2 and 2.1 Tuesday January 16th

Block 1.2 postponed to Wednesday January 17th (please remember to show up early if you think you might need more time to write this test, Wed is a CP Day ~ Mr Sommerfeld promised to open the room at 8:10 am on Wed Jan 17th to get the test started early).

Block 1.2 we’ll be working on Activity 5.3 and a Ray Diagram Challenge to do with proving the Law of Reflection. We’ll also check Workbook 4.2 4.3 from before Christmas, and Workbook 5.1.

Science 8 The art of Refraction from Down Unda

Please have the following ready to check for next class:

Block 2.1 Activity 5.2, 5.3, and workbook 5.1 (due Friday at the start of class)

Block 2.2 Activity 5.2, workbook 5.1 and Activity 5.3 due by the end of class

Block 1.2 Activity 5.2, workbook 5.1 due Thursday at the start of class; Activity 5.3 due by the end of class

Activity 5.3 Refraction, page 177 in the textbook; in addition to answering the 1 a) b) 2 a) b) and c), please measure the angle of incidence, angle of emergence, and both refracted rays

Please review how to use a protractor (bring your own from home if you can, yours will be better than mine!) if you can’t remember:

Biology 12 Block 2.4 and 1.1


Since Moodle is down today, we’re heading to lab 303 or the Learning Commons (block 1.1) (meet in 307 first) to find out what happens to us meat eaters, a few thousand days from now.

Using your Digestion Notes booklet and the internet, agree or disagree with the following statement, backing it up with research and citations at the end:

“Eating meat is a personal choice and provides vital nutrients for the body you can’t get anywhere else while maintaining a healthy and robust economy”.¬†

Unpack this any way you wish, minimum 2 pages (500 words) with 2 diagrams and 2 sources. Please state your thesis within the introduction. Explore your main points in the body, summarize your stance in and restate your findings in the conclusion.

Due Tuesday January 16th (block 2.4) or Wednesday January 17th (block 1.1)