Science 8 The art of Refraction from Down Unda

Please have the following ready to check for next class:

Block 2.1 Activity 5.2, 5.3, and workbook 5.1 (due Friday at the start of class)

Block 2.2 Activity 5.2, workbook 5.1 and Activity 5.3 due by the end of class

Block 1.2 Activity 5.2, workbook 5.1 due Thursday at the start of class; Activity 5.3 due by the end of class

Activity 5.3 Refraction, page 177 in the textbook; in addition to answering the 1 a) b) 2 a) b) and c), please measure the angle of incidence, angle of emergence, and both refracted rays

Please review how to use a protractor (bring your own from home if you can, yours will be better than mine!) if you can’t remember:

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