Science 8 10 and Biology 12

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Science 8, Chapter 2 Test (Body Systems) Please hand in your Chicken Heart Labs and homework (page 81 and 95 from the textbook) Be prepared to label a heart and write about why one ventricle is thick, why one is thin. 

Day 1 Mon Nov 26

Day 2 Tues Nov 27

Then, Joker’s Classic for Wed and Thurs (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans)

Science 10

Chapter 5 test Tuesday November 27th

(Chapter 5 Review Wed and Friday this week)

Joker’s Classic Thursday Nov 29th  (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans)

Biology 12 

  1. Cell Membrane (Chapter 4) Test, Tues December 4th
  2. Study and Objective Questions from Chapter 4 due Monday Nov 26th
  3. Joker’s Classic Wed (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans) and Enzyme lab on Friday

Sci 8 Sci 10 and Biology 12

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To all my Science 8 and 10 students, please remember the Math and Science Tutor Club is available for you every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Learning Commons (the library) and there’s a Homework Club on Wednesday (room 306) after school and at lunch (Red Room, second floor across from 211) and that I’m available every Tuesday after school, but you must sign up so I can prepare in advance (clipboard by the door, write on there why you’re coming)


Science 8 Chapter 2 Test 

Day 1 students ~ Monday November 26th

Day 2 students ~ Tuesday November 27th

Chicken Heart Labs next week!!


Science 10 Chapter 5 Test

Tuesday November 27th

Homework due Monday November 19th: Booklet pages 98-101 on Organic Chemistry

Biology 12 Cell Test November 22nd

Chapter 6 Enzyme Lab (dates to be announced shortly)