UPDATE April 5th ~ Science 8 Density Experiments, Spring Break 2018

Floating and Sinking Pop Cans

Use the following URL to find some cool and easy experiments on Density:



Upcoming due dates:

10 item density experiment,

block 1.2 due end of class Tues Apr 3rd

Blocks 2.1 and 2.2 by end of class today (Mar 16th)

Density Mystery experiment: Remember to staple your data table into your lab

block 1.2 due Tues April 17th, write up

Blocks 2.1 and 2.2 due Mon April 16th, write up

Biology 12 Respiration

Rise of e-cigarette use among teens

“At age 19, residents of British Columbia are allowed to smoke or vape in certain public areas and cannot be refused medical treatment under any circumstances.”

1.) Construct a paper discussing this age limit, and the difference between smoking and vaping, and their effects on the human body.

2.) Then conclude your paper with your opinion on whether the medical system, being publicly funded, should pay for a lifetime of smoking and their related debilitating illnesses. We’re looking for a good argument here, and your final verdict.

500 word/2 page minimum, typed, hard copy.

Sophomores, typically 15 years of age, second year of high school.

For the debate: research both sides of #1 and #2 above and be ready to debate next class.

Homework and other deadlines

Science 8 –> Density Activity (measure the density of 3 objects in the room, do they float or sink based on your calculations?) due:

Block 2.1 and 2.2 Thurs Mar 8th

Block 1.2 Fri March 9th


Science 10

Workbook 9.1 due Friday Mar 9th


Biology 12

Lung Capacity Lab (as always, hand in your own lab please)

Block 1.1 ~ Tues Mar 13th

Block 2.4 ~ Fri Mar 16th