Biology 12 Circulatory System Test Dates

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Block 2.4 Fri Mar 2nd

Block 1.1 Thurs Mar 1st

Chap 13 plus pp 430 and 431, and a general knowledge of Chapter 14, the Lymph System

Slide 18, for those of you who’ve used Biology 12 on Moodle, the first powerpoint with slide 18 shows some pertinent information about Hemoglobin, namely, that Hemoglobin helps with buffering the blood (HHB, referred to as reduced Hemoglobin), maintaining a narrow range around 7.3; and fetal Hb which has a higher affinity for oxygen, for obvious reasons 😉

Biology 12 Wed Block 1.1 and Thurs Block 2.4

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Pests are a real threat to food production and yield. Managing them becomes an important consideration around the world, not just for profit but for human health.

Use p 257 and the internet to construct a 250 word opinion paper on the following statement:

“Biological control of pests will never work because pesticides are cheaper and easier to apply.”

Please promote your opinion and present a counter to those in opposition.  Due next class.

Science 8 Due Dates

Term 2 is almost done! My last day to receive late assignments (labs and quizzes, missed tests but NOT homework) is March 2nd.

LAB 6-4 Eyeball Lab ~ Full write up (see my sample lab posted in my room) is due:

Block 2.1 and 2.2 Thurs Feb 15th

Block 1.2 Friday Feb 16th


Activity 6.5 Simple Lens (p 216) and Activity 6.7 Laser Eye Surgery (p 226 only #2 under What To Do) Assignments AND Workbook 6.1 are due (and Quiz on Eye ball anatomy, just like the eyeball above):

Block 2.1 and 2.2 Thurs Feb 15th

Block 1.2 Friday Feb 16th