Upcoming dates PLEASE READ

Joker’s Classic is a basketball tournament at John Oliver Wed-Fri this week and Wed-Fri next week too.

To get in it’s $2 (or 3 cans) for the FOOD BANK, we will get a wristband and you can go more than once.

If someone doesn’t bring money or cans, we can’t go.

We will be going Thurs and Fri Dec 1 and 2 this week, and Thurs Fri next week, Dec 8 and 9.

Grade 10 Science: in preparation for a discussion on Radioactivity, please do Workbook 7.1 by Wed Dec 7th.

Your Chapter 7 test is Thurs Dec 15th.

Biology 12: Your Enzymes Research paper is due Dec 6th, that’s a Tuesday after your Pro-D day off (Mon Dec 5th).

Your Enzymes test is also Tues Dec 6th.

I realize many of the 12’s will be helping with the classic so we’re going (yay) on Friday Dec 2nd and Thurs Dec 8th.

Bring money and or cans.


Science 10 – CHAPTER 6 in a nutshell

Chapter 6 is all about making predictions: what product will form? We can CLASSIFY reactions into six reaction types in chapter 6. Imagine that 😉


Let’s look at what happens in the Find Out Activity, through video (so we don’t hurt the environment and each other):

Copper (ii) Chloride with an Iron nail (@ 2 mins)

with Magnesium

with Zinc


This is just one of six reactions we’ll learn about, called a Single Replacement Reaction (or SR for short), as explained by “this” guy:

And there are five more in this chapter!

Synthesis Reactions (2 reactants form a product: here it’s chlorine with sodium to make sodium chloride (table salt)!

Decomposition Reactions: Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen (using Potassium Iodide as a catalyst, famously called “elephant toothpaste”)…

Double Replacement reactions: an example here of Lead Nitrate with Potassium Iodide –> predict the products!!

Neutralization reactions: ( we did this in Chapter 5 )

Quick demo out of Berkley

Everything you wanted to know about neutralization reactions and then some!!

and finally, Combustion reactions (we can do this one just before XMAS, anyone got some DAWN??!!) –> three more videos, just for fun…

Funny! this guy’s lips don’t match his talking!!!


Science 8, 10, and Biology 12 due dates

Science 8

Lab 2-3 (Investigating Bones and Ligaments)

Block 1-4 due Tues Nov 15

Block 2-4 due Wed Nov 16

Chapter 2 Test (Body Systems)

Block 1-4 Thurs Nov 17

Block 2-4 Fri Nov 18

Workbook 2.1 2.2 2.3

Block 1-4 due Tues Nov 15

Block 2-4 due Mon Nov 14

Chicken Heart Lab (hopefully)

Block 1-4 Tues Nov 15

Block 2-4 Wed Nov 16


Science 10

Lab 5-1B on page 230 due Tuesday November 15

Workbook 5.1 due Tues Nov 15th

Chapter 5 Test Mon Nov 21st


Biology 12

Chapter 4 Test, Cell Membranes; Mon Nov 14

Cell Membrane Research Paper, due Mon Nov 14

Catalase Lab Wed Nov 16



Biology 12 for Me to We Absentees

Today we paused the Andersen Video (check Moodle) on Enzymes (Topic 6 and Chapter 6) to discuss what an Enzyme is and what it does.

Popquizzes, to check on general comprehension of main ideas, could include topics like the “induced-fit” model; activation and inhibition of enzymes; keyterms like substrate and enzymes; active and allosteric sites on enzymes; everything until 10:15 of the video.

We also distributed the Enzyme booklets/notes and discussed the upcoming lab involving Catalase (again, view the video for particulars on it’s work with Hydrogen Peroxide).