Science 8 Science 10 and Biology 12 again ;)

Science 8 – you will write a Safety Quiz, all multiple choice

Block 1-4 Thurs Sept 29

Block 2-4 Tues October 4th (Sept 30th is a Pro-D Day, no school)

Onion Lab – TBA (to be announced)

Science 10 – We have booklets to finish, by Thurs Sept 29

Biology 12Chapter 1 AND MOSTLY CHAPTER 2 TEST

Thursday October 6th. 78 MC with 20 LA (multiple choice, long answer)

Science 8 Science 10 and Biology 12 deadlines and info on Lab Format

Photo Day,  TUESDAY September 20th (they call you down by Grade); CP DAY ON WEDNESDAY, all grades dismissed at 1:40 PM

Science 8 – your lab format information is in your Science 8 Course Outline

Block 1-4 Your Microscope quizzes are both on Friday Sept 23rd

Block 2-4 Your Microscope quizzes are both on Monday Sept 26

Science 10 – Your periodic table Quiz is Friday Sept 23rd

Your LAB Safety Quiz is Tues Sept 27 (use the preface in your textbook and WHMIS symbols at the back of your textbook)

Your polyatomic ion Quiz, see Table 4.11 on page 192 – know all 22 ions with their charges (group the similar ones and THEN memorize them)

Biology 12

Your lab format should be consistent with what you’ve already done in Biology 11

(or use my format: Title page with your name, a title, your lab partners names and the date with my name on there – then have a Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure (also called Method; what YOU and your group did, not simply recopying what the lab says); Observations (put your data here);

Discussion (put the answers to the questions from the lab here) and then your Conclusion (which answers your Hypothesis and discusses possible sources of error).

(I’ll have a sample you can come by and snap a photo of, magnetized to the white board beneath your homework list)

Homework for Science 8 and Science 10 and Biology 12

photo is for Biology 12: this guy is one wet example of homeostasis…

Science 8  – Block 1-4 Safety Brochure – due Mon Sept 19 and Workbook 1.1 due Tues Sept 13

Block 2-4 Safety Brochure – due Tues Sept 20 and Workbook 1.1 due Wed Sept 14

Science 10Periodic Table Quiz – Friday Sept 23rd

Lab Safety Quiz – Tues Sept 27th (know the WHMIS Symbols, see back of your textbook)

Biology 12Homeostasis Lab – Do a title page and a write up, each person hands in their own unique copy; follow the order Purpose/Objective; Hypothesis; Materials; Procedure; Observations/Data; Discussion (answer the questions here); Conclusion (discuss possible errors too if you think it adds to the write up)

Typed or handwritten, plagiarism will give you an automatic zero; discuss with your lab partners and then put it into your own words please – staple your handout to the back of your lab.

Chapter 2 – Testing Yourself (TY), Understanding The Terms (UTT) and Thinking Critically (TC) due Wednes Sept 14th