REVISED TUES DEC 15th Biology 12 update

Winter Madness, Block 2.3 Friday December 18th

Biology 12 – Please remember to do your Enzymes Pop Quiz (14 questions)that must be made up. Sign up on my office hours clipboard.

Since Friday is NO LONGER CP schedule, we’ll look at keeping the test for FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th. 

And the Vitamin Assignment/Presentation will be moved back to Jan 5th.

The Mini’s (keep the schedule the same) who are going (Richard and his Minions) can perform the first Monday they come back, and their test date will be Tues Jan 12 after school. Sign up on the clipboard for office hours.

Science 8 10 and Biology 12

Science 8 – Workbook 4.2 due tomorrow (Wed Dec 9th)

Chapter 4 Test, Wednesday January 6th

Science 10 – Workbook 7.2 due next class (day 1.3 due Wed Dec 9th, day 2.1 due Thurs Dec 10th)

Chapter 7 Test: Next Week!! (day 1.3, Thurs Dec 17th; day 2.1 Friday Dec 18th)

Biology 12: reminder to hand in both your Enzyme Lab (catalase) and your Enzyme Research Paper this Thurs Dec 10th.

Enzymes Test (including chapter 6 and page 375/Thyroxin) is now Friday Dec 18th.