Biology 12 students/call out for Canadian Blood Services club organizer!

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Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you would be perfect to be a part of or even lead the CANADIAN BLOOD SERVICES CLUB at John Oliver!

That’s right! YOU could be the person who organizes a blood drive, where senior students get taxi’d to VGH to give blood in Term 3 of this year!

And we’ll have our awesome faces in the yearbook too 🙂 Contact Mr S, most of the material for Club Day in the Caf are READY TO GO, you just need to come by and chat with Mr S about stuff!

Science 8 Science 10 Biology 12

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Science 8 Block 1.3 and 1.4 are Day 1 classes

Block 2.1 and 2.2 are Day 2 classes

Day 1: Safety brochure, Due Sept 17th (extended from Sept 14 b/c of grade 8 week)

Day 2: Safety brochure, Due Sept 20th (Thurs)

FRIDAY SEPT 21 is a professional day (no school)

Safety Quiz: Day 1 Sept 19

Day 2 Sept 20

Workbook pages 2 3 4

Day 1 due Wed Sept 19

Day 2 due Tues Sept 18

Microscope Quiz: Day 1 Sept 25

Day 2 Sept 26

Lab 1-3 Focussing on the Microscopic world (staple your observations sheet to the back of your lab)

Day 1 due Tues Sept 25

Day 2 due Wed Sept 26


Science 10 Periodic Table Quiz, Polyatomic Ion Quiz: Wed Sept 26

Safety Quiz: Tues Sept 18

Workbook p 76


Biology 12 Homeostasis Lab: Due Tues Sept 25th (Data and Questions only please)

Note: Disregard the labs’ instruction to “reverse roles” and only measure data from ONE person in your group.

2018 2019 WELCOME!!!

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This blog is for my students and parents who want to keep up with homework and project deadlines. Please bookmark this blog and come back often to see what is due. The definitive list is in my classroom, on the whiteboard, and the students know when absent, they are to contact their STUDY BUDDY for everything they’ve missed.

Thanks! Have a great year!