Updated Midyear Exam Schedule/Instructions

Science 8, midyear exam covers chapters 1, 2, and 3 (cheat sheet is hand written and handed in WITH your exam, without it you don’t write the exam)

Day 1 –> Writing on Monday Feb 4th (remember block rotation, block 1.3 is first)

Day 2 –> Writing on Tues Feb 5th


Science 10 –> Writing Tues Feb 5th (remember block rotation, block 2.3 is first)

You will get a data booklet, bring a calculator and a pencil and a good eraser; the exam covers chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7


Biology 12 –> Monday Feb 4th, right after lunch. No extra time given, please be prompt.



Biology 12 Vitamin Assignment

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See Moodle for the Vitamin Assignment doc.

Due Date Friday January 11 (Tues January 15th for Mini’s).

There is a sample presentation on Moodle. Follow the pattern but make it your own. Do not duplicate any of the vitamins or minerals there.

If you’re too nervous to present in front of your peers, please submit a video link to carlsommerfeld@gmail.com so we can watch your presentation on Friday/Tuesday. Your counselor may have to vouch for you if you choose to do a video instead of presenting live.