Biology 12 and Science 10

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Biology 12 VITAMIN PRESENTATIONS START Feb 1st and continue Feb 3rd

We have struck a deal ~ You will present on 4 Vitamins and 2 minerals. The format will basically be Q and A (I ask questions about your powerpoint and you answer, the audience might also have questions ~ too time consuming to have everyone present a perfectly prepared presentation)

The rubric to help guide my thinking has been inserted above.

Please delete the last few lines on the Vitamin presentation sheet where it talks about each group member does 2 Vitamins and 1 mineral, this USED to be a group assignment.

Please email your presentation to yourself and me ( AND OPEN IT. If it opens on your end, it’ll open on mine.

NO USB flashdrives; it must be on an online platform (One Drive or something like that). Or bring your own device; laptop/tablet/whatever (no Apple products, I don’t have the connection for that).

The order of who is presenting when has been uploaded to moodle! Mr S used a random number generator. Some might want to go first, we’ll see.

February 7th RECTUM LAB IS DUE at the start of class please

February 7th DIGESTION RESEARCH PAPER IS DUE at the start of class please

Since no one can remember which is due when, the lab and paper are due the same day (thanks Anum)


Science 10: IF you missed Tuesday’s class and your study buddy is at Dairy Queen, please remember you have a quiz on Chapter 8.1 THIS THURSDAY Feb 2nd.

It involves graphing, which is being covered today! Hope you showed up ūüôā


Science 8

Here’s the requirements for handing in Activity 5.7

Block 1-4 due Thurs Feb 2

Block 2-4 due Fri Feb 3

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Biology 12 Reminders




It will cover all we’ve done this year, see your course outline for more details.

In addition to the tested units, you will also¬†have DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis as well as¬†a small amount of¬†Recombinant DNA technology (use s-moodle if you can’t locate the items in your textbook)

Pork Bung and Stomach dissection; drawings due Feb 1st

Vitamin Presentations DUE/ready to present: Feb 1st and 3rd (a sample powerpoint presentation is now available at s-moodle, the password was given earlier, ask a friend or come see me if you’ve forgotten).

Students are asking how best to prepare for this midyear exam; although already discussed in class, s-moodle is the best place to go for powerpoints on all topics and the SUPERNOTES, pdf format, at the top of the page.

Support this review with something “active”, reading is not enough (flash cards, webs, flow charts, etc).

Grade 8 Refraction and the MidYear Exam

Grade 8’s ~ you can bring a cheat sheet into the Midyear Exam (See Mr Sommerfeld for more details; hint, use the Review Questions that came with the Course Outline for Science 8 in September).

The Midyear covers chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Bring two pencils, your go card for identification, and an eraser. Calculators are also allowed.

Use the following diagram to guide your Activity 5.3 Ray Diagram:

Notice the incident ray, i, forms an angle to the Normal and is the same going in and coming out of the block. The little r stands for refraction.

Biology 12 NEW DATES and a recipe for CHITLINS (go get it)

Place the cleaned chitterlings into a large pot; cover with water and vinegar. Add bay leaves, onions, potatoes, green or red pepper, garlic, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil; turn heat to low and simmer approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until chitterlings are tender.

Google search for “Chitlins” yielded the ¬†following photo

Biology 12 

Trace the Path of Digestion Tues Jan 10th

Chapter 14 Questions (textbook) due Tues Jan 10th

Stomach/Bung lab Wed Jan 18th

McDonalds Calorie Assignment Mon Jan 16th

Digestion Diseases Research essay: Jan 20 (blocks 2.1 and 2.2 in room 303; block 2.3 in room 309)

Vitamin presentations begin Feb 1 and end Feb 3rd