Science 8 10 and Biology 12, lead up to Winter Break

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Instead of the Smallpox images, be happy 🙂

Science 8

Day 2 ~ Smallpox debate ~ have info ready, phone or printed out, written, by Thurs Dec 13

Chapter 3 Test: Day 1 for Tuesday Dec 18th

Day 2 for Monday Dec 17th


Science 10

Chapter 6 Test Monday Dec 17th

There are 2 parts to Chapter 6: The Six Reaction Types and then how to Effect the Rate of Reaction (Four Ways)

We’ve done demonstrations for Decomposition, Neutralization, and tried to do a reaction increasing the rate of which with the use of a common enzyme

Mr Sommerfeld will be available both Tuesdays after school, Dec 11 and 18th (Dec 11 in the Learning Commons, Mr S is supervising Math and Science Tutor Club until 4 pm)


Biology 12

Chapter 6 Study and “Objective Questions due Thursday Dec 20th