Science 10 RADIATION and Disposal of Nuclear Waste

Controversial and thought provoking ~ Is Nuclear Energy the Answer?

Remember buy and support independent film (purchase The Uranium Drive In for a good look at the human element to Uranium Mining)

And for a recent update around Japan’s March 11th 2011 Megathrust earthquake, magnitude 9, where nearly 16,000 people died and a nuclear power plant was left scrambling to contain their waste:


Brain Dissection Info and Due Date

bi12 5 brain question for dissection lab2 <—— click on brain questions

bi12 brain dissection writeup <——- click on this link

Apparently you can just right click the image data below, and open in a new tab.

Each student must hand in their own lab “write up”. See the images below for details.

Due Thurs May 18th. Sorry for the sideways action!

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PS ~ Fetal Pig Lab is May 23rd and 25th. Please plan on attending both classes.