Biology 12 Pertinent Videos Chapter 16 The Excretory System

The first 5 are all a part of a series presented by Handwritten Tutorials, the last 3 from Biomed Sessions and are supposed to be “made easy” – you be the judge!

Knowing the anatomy first assists in following the complexity of function in a lot of body systems. The same can be said here – get a grasp of what’s in a kidney before tackling HOW it works.

Due Dates

Science 8 – our classes have been interrupted by cool activities in the gym and CP day’s weird schedule so here’s an update on everything due or coming due:

Density Mystery Lab 7.7, now overdue

Activity 8.3 (with the TOC) due Wed April 20

Workbook 8.3 due Wed April 20

Pop Can Video, based on page 299 #5 with an explanation of why the can imploded using the kinetic molecular theory, due Wed April 20, to

Activity 8.2 p 281 “Force of Gravity” due Friday Apr 22 (answer the questions only, this is not a lab and does not require a lab write up)

Activity 8.10 p 305 “Floating Paper Clips” due Friday Apr 22 (answer the questions only, this is not a lab)

Chapter 8 Test – Tuesday April 26th


Science 10 – Chapter 12 Test – block 1.3 April 22, block 2.1 April 25


Biology 12

Balloon Lab “Measuring Lung Capacity” due Tues Apr 19

Respiration Research Paper due Tues Apr 19

Beef Pluck Lab paper/sheet with drawing (not photo) – due Thurs Apr 21

Respiration TEST – Wed April 27th


Science 10 and Biology 12

Science 10 – you have a test today (Tues) block 2.1 and tomorrow for block 1.3 on chapter 11.

Biology 12 – we’ve booked the Learning Commons for today (Tues April 5th) – research a Respiratory Ailment/Disease and have some connection to the one you choose to research. We’ll make it the same format, 2 pages with references and a couple of applicable images, large enough to see and not hand drawn 😉

And your test can’t be this Thursday, that’s a CP day – Monday April 11th. Circulation Test, email me with any questions/concerns.