Biology 12 – I may never see you again, so please please please (as Mr H would say) get them in by today.

Writing you up for not returning the textbook means no report card, no transcripts for university – and $91 which you could use towards a Venti non-fat soy super hot Caramel Machiatto with cinnamon sprinkles!!!

If you HAVE returned them, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, HAPPY PROM EVERYONE!!!

And have a great life 😉

Science 10 Ultimate Review Guide PDF link!

Link below for Practise Science 10 provincials, including data booklet and answer keys:

(thanks to School District 71 for providing this link FULL COLOUR!! – absolutely beautiful)

It can also be found on s-moodle, “John Oliver Secondary” under “Sommerfeld” (sign in with your account or see Mr Spence to set it up)

The s-moodle also has review for Chapter 4 and 12, the biggest portions of the provincial exam

Shout out to Saad and Karn – found out you need to put at least 5 Mentos in and the Diet Coke should be room temperature; and a smaller hole (drill it into the cap) would get crazy results too ).

Important Dates – all grades, all subjects!!

Science 8 – Reminder – you are allowed a study sheet, your own handwriting only, both sides

Final Exam: Block 1.4 Monday June 13 all morning

Block 1.2 Monday June 13 all afternoon

Block 1.1 Wed June 15, all afternoon

It’s all multiple choice and covers chapters 1-11

Please bring something to do when you’re finished; bring materials and study for another exam and bring your headphones – the room needs to remain quiet for students who take a long time to finish their exams.

Science 10: Provincial Exam is on June 24 1-4 pm

Unit 1 Exams on Ecology (covers all of Unit 1, all multiple choice)

Block 2.1 Monday June 6

Block 1.3 Moved to Tuesday June 7

Biology 12 Final Exam June 14