McEWEN Scholarship, $5000 for first year Science, SFU, see Mr Sommerfeld

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Anyone currently attending John Oliver, and has been accepted to, and plans to attend Sciences at SFU in September this year,

Please see Mr Sommerfeld for an application for an additional McEwen scholarship, only available on Mr Sommerfeld’s recommendation.

You must be accepted, to SFU, Sciences first year.

And an exceptional person 😉 The award would be offered in the fall of 2018 while you’re at SFU.

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Science 8 Quarks and Leptons Comic Strip *Amended May 28th

Use the following links to discover the elementary particles of Physics!

And if you have time,

Link for those without headphones (and find your own):

↓ And maybe these guys will inspire you ↓

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Due Date: Block 2.2 and 2.1 ~ Friday June 1st

Block 1.2 due Monday June 4th

Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table

Crash Course does a great job at giving us the history of the Periodic Table. Haven’t you ever looked at the Periodic Table, and wondered, “Why?”

Wonder no more Padawans, for in this succinct nary a 12 minute video, we have the answer!!

And chemistry in general (this is going to turn into a playlist, I can almost taste it):

Use crash course to investigate all parts of Chemistry!

Deadlines, final exams *updated Tues May 22nd

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Science 10 Unit 1 Exam, postponed from Thurs May 17th to Wed May 23rd

Reminder: you can bring all your handouts for this Unit 1 Exam (stating the obvious: if you’ve lost yours it is your responsibility to photocopy someone else’s)


Final Exams will take place June 14-19

Those days will be double blocked, starting with 1.4 and 1.2 on Thurs, Fri will be 2.4 and 2.2 and then Monday, 1.3 then 1.1 with Tues finishing off with 2.3 and 2.1

Block 1.4 – Science 10 final* Thurs June 14th AM (*data booklets will be provided)

Block 1.2 – Science 8 final ** Thurs June 14th PM

Block 2.4 – Biology 12 final Fri June 15th AM

Block 2.2 – Science 8 final exam** Fri June 15th PM

Block 1.3 – Science 10 final*  (*data booklets will be provided) Monday June 18th AM

Block 1.1 – Biology 12 final exam, Monday June 18th PM

Block 2.1 – Science 8 final exam**, Tues June 19th PM

**For Science 8 final exams, bring your double sided study sheet


Science 8 Homework

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Please find and complete the “Science 8 Atomic Theory” sheet in your booklet, point form is good enough.

Blocks 2.2 and 2.1 due Tues May 8th

Block 1.2 due Wed May 9th (CP day)

It’s an introduction to our next unit, on, you’ll never guess 😉 “Atomic Theory” and all things Chemistry!