Science 8 OSMOSIS JONES editorial assignment

Chapter 3 is all about the Immune System and Osmosis Jones is a good study of what happens to our bodies in response to disease.

Knowing that Thrax (the villain) is a disease and Osmosis Jones represents White Blood Cells, pretend you are a health columnist or blogger and write a short editorial including the following information:

Why Frank’s health declined

The consequences of his declining health

Your opinion about Frank’s health choices generally

What Frank can do to get his health back using information from chapter 3


Science 10 Presentations – ECOLOGY

sc10 pres schedule

Please have your Quiz, Handout, and Exam Questions printed and handed in by Monday (block 1.3) and Tuesday (block 2.1) and your powerpoints are now past due (

See the schedule below for updated presentation dates (and remember, you can “upgrade” your powerpoints the day you present AND you MUST MUST MUST (as Mr Harapnuick would say) hand in your oral presentation script and group/self evaluation form right after you present.


Upcoming due dates

Science 8  – Hovercraft construction and contest: due Tues May 10th

Workbook 9.2 due Friday May 6th, Workbook 9.3 due Tues May 10th

Science 10  – Block 1.3 Ecology project due Thurs May 12th; Block 2.1 due Fri May 13th

Biology 12  – Urinary System/Excretion test: Tuesday May 17

Final Exam, June 14th for both blocks