Science 10 and Biology 12

Science 10 Chapter 4 test (finally)

As written on the whiteboard, Both 1.3 and 1.4 are writing on Mon Oct 30th


Biology 12

Chapter 3 test was delayed to the following dates

Block 2.4 Friday Oct 27th

Block 1.2 Mon Oct 30th

Chapter 4 study and objective questions due:

Block 1.1 Mon Oct 30th

Block 2.4 Tues Oct 31st (obviously)

Chapter 4 test

Block 2.4 Thurs Nov 16th

Block 1.1 Fri Nov 17th

Science 8 Homework

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Canada Food Guide link in case you can’t find it:

Workbook 2.2

Block 2.1 and 2.2 due Tues Oct 31st

Block 1.2 due Monday Oct 30th


Find out Activity “Canada Food Guide” use your handout and google the words Canada Food Guide to compare your favourite foods with what you should be getting, for your gender and age.

Due date for Eating Health worksheet:

Block 2.1 and 2.2 Friday Oct 27th

Block 1.2 due Mon Oct 30th

Biology 12 and BCIT Nursing Program

It’s not just for women anymore yo. The world can be your oyster :)*


BCIT’s program for Nursing seems to be in high demand. This blog entry is to tell/remind you there’s a November 1st opening for application. The earlier you apply the better.  OH WAIT; it looks like you need 18 credits or 3 full year courses after high school (maybe Langara or somewhere else) before you even apply! (ACK) AND you have to be a Canadian Resident.

What to do!?

Apply (now!) to somewhere close to home (Langara, take your 3 courses, on Tuesday and Thursday only, and work part time).

OR live a little, and take that money from your parent’s RESP and go somewhere! You have so many places in Canada AND WASHINGTON STATE to go to, why not stretch your wings, go somewhere else for a year? I don’t recommend Manitoba but if you have relatives there, why not?! Never been to Saskatchewhatever, now’s your chance to meet some crazy amazing and interesting people!

What about UBC?

The pre-requisities (pre-req’s) for UBC’s nursing program include credit hours (courses) from other colleges or universities. Almost every college/university in the lower mainland teaches the courses you need. For example, VCC has the equivalent Human Anatomy and Physiology course (HAP), Biology 1120 and 1220 (first then second semesters).

UBC’s nursing program sounds interesting. It’s an intensive 20 month program, AFTER you do a bunch of course work (Copied from the UBC website: To be considered for admission to the BSN program, you must have a completed bachelor’s degree or significant progress (minimum of 48 non-nursing university transferable credits) toward a degree in another field of study. Note: Applied degrees will be considered on case-by-case basis) at ANY accredited university or college

Aside from making a difference in the lives of individuals throughout the world, choosing to work in BC comes with a lot of considerations, one of which is salary. Moving to Vancouver Island might not be an option for everyone, but as a sample of the type of salary grid/rate of pay, use this link as a starting point:

Anywhere other than BCIT or UBC?

Sometimes a community college is a cheaper option, and closer to where you live (or along a major bus route!). The following is a link to Vancouver Community College’s information on Nursing:

WAIT! Kwantlen has NURSING??!!

you bet! check it out! maybe you can get first year nursing starting next September!!

What about DOUGLAS COLLEGE, for nursing?

TOO LATE!!! (but call them, maybe you’re a really nice person and they’ll make an exception 😉

(*disclaimer; the VSB is not responsible for any of these comments as they are the opinion only of the author of this blog and not intended as malicious, or biased, just thought- and discussion-provoking wherever personal observations have been mentioned)