During lab time, use the internet to do the worksheet “Chapter 12, Features of Plate Tectonics Review” BLM 4-37

Copy and paste this link and fill in the sheet

Use the internet (youtube, etc) to explain each plate boundary in more detail. Add to the notes you have, using the back of the sheet if needed. I’ve included 2 videos to get you started, you can watch these PLUS your own.

Due next class.

Headphones are encouraged.



Respiration Disorders

Please use the original template for research papers (and or see previous blog) to guide your organization and content.

Due April 12th before the bell please.

Possible diseases could include but are not limited to:

  1. the common cold
  2. pharyngitis
  3. the Bends (or Caisson disease)
  4. tonsillitis
  5. laryngitis
  6. emphysema
  7. sinusitis
  8. otitis media
  9. acute and chronic bronchitis
  10. pneumonia
  11. pulmonary tuberculosis (please be specific to respiration for tb)
  12. cystic fibrosis
  13. pulmonary fibrosis
  14. lung cancer

Please notice, asthma is not on the list. Feel free to research asthma on your own but as it was already used for Digestion, it is not available for marks in consideration for this particular assignment.

More about Nicaragua, the lobster industry, and the Bends.