Welcome to Science 8 and Science 10 with Mister Ess :)

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Please remember to pay your workbook fee, $16, school cash online, as soon as possible.

Much of the course is available on Moodle (google s-moodle and choose John Oliver), then use your OpenID Connect, your school email.

The direct links should be:

For Science 8


For Science 10


Also, feel free to check Teams, there is a lot of information about your homework there!

Until June 30th

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Some things to keep in mind until the end of Semester 2 (June 27th officially your last in class session):

If you are missing assignments or failing or both, come see me during FIT so we can make a plan. It’s not too late!!!

Your plan might help you pass this course.

The plan will include you showing up Tuesday June 28th in the morning, to finish tests and assignments. Then I can change your report card (report cards are due Monday night, June 27th).

Science 8’s: we finish plate tectonics today with your test, we still have school for a few more days, projects and a movie for the next week or so.

Science 10’s: we are half way through Astronomy and will finish next Monday June 27th. Bring food and for God’s sake, get some caffeine into your bloodstream before you get here (heck, bring some Bieb Brew to class) so you don’t fall asleep!

Tuesday June 14

Plate Tectonics - Tectonics Plate Movements | Plate Tectonic Theory

Science 8

Moberly People: Please do workbook pages 166-170 before you go Friday (check it Thursday with me)

Today: KWL video sheets for 10 Craziest Volcanoes

Tomorrow/Wed June 15th; hand in your Volcanoes Research Questionnaire (16 questions)

Also for Wed, please have ready, your workbook assignments from last week with the sub, p 157-159 and 163-165 along with page 305 from the textbook if not already finished!

And a reminder, Unit 4 Plate Tectonics TEST MONDAY JUNE 20th, cheat sheet allowed, one side of one page.

10 Common diseases caused by air pollution - In Pics | Deccan Herald

Science 10

No homework (working on Inconvenient Truth worksheet due Thurs).

Thurs June 2


Chicken wing dissection

Science 8

No homework for tomorrow, you have a test (on ATOMS, unit 2, textbook pages on teams, and bring a cheat sheet if you want, not mandatory this time; and a pencil and an eraser, and your own calculator for density calculations).

Workbook pages 150-152 due Monday June 6th.

More Bad News For Embattled Nuclear Power Industry: Reactor Proponents Are  Batting 0-6 in State Legislatures in 2011 - DiaNuke.org

Science 10

Test Next Fri June 10th on Energy

Workbook, pages 158 159 164 and 165 due tomorrow please (they’re easy).

Friday May 27th

The Future Circular Collider - a huge 100 km-circumference particle smasher - would be used to study the Higgs boson in unprecedented detail as well as search for new physics

Science 8

We cut paper to the size of an atom. P 162. Hand in the worksheet that went with it, Monday May 30th please.

The photo above includes a proposed particle collider, even bigger than the LHC we already have. Click the link to learn about the new collider.

Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy - YouTube

Science 10

We attempted to discuss how potential energy changes or transforms to kinetic energy, while the same could happen in reverse. Workbook pages 134 and 135 will help you in this quest. Due Monday May 30th please.