Friday May 27th

The Future Circular Collider - a huge 100 km-circumference particle smasher - would be used to study the Higgs boson in unprecedented detail as well as search for new physics

Science 8

We cut paper to the size of an atom. P 162. Hand in the worksheet that went with it, Monday May 30th please.

The photo above includes a proposed particle collider, even bigger than the LHC we already have. Click the link to learn about the new collider.

Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy - YouTube

Science 10

We attempted to discuss how potential energy changes or transforms to kinetic energy, while the same could happen in reverse. Workbook pages 134 and 135 will help you in this quest. Due Monday May 30th please.

Thursday May 26

Bohr model | Description & Development | Britannica

Science 8 

Workbook Topic 2.4 “History of the Atom”, the Assessment, only pages 94-96 (not page 97, I’ll help you with that). Due Friday May 27.

And of course, the KWL sheet for the Atomic Theory Videos we watched today. Due Friday May 27.

Click here for the link to the videos for today (it should take you to moodle, password is plaid if they ask for it.

energy transformations - Students | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

Science 10 

Workbook pages 132 and 133 please (Topic 3.1), “Tranformation of Energy”.

Tues May 24th

Bill Nye the Science Guy 0508 Atoms & Molecules - YouTube

Science 8

Workbook, pages 84-86 and watch the Bill Nye “Atoms and Molecules” Video (fill in a KWL sheet), link to the video is on moodle if you need it, but it’s available on youtube right now as well.

Simple Catapult with Popsicle Sticks and a Spoon - stlMotherhood

Science 10

Textbook page 61 “Polycultures; Make A Difference”, due tomorrow May 25th.

We start Unit 3, Energy tomorrow, building catapults.

And/or try building your own trebuchet at home, see “science buddies” for more details.

Build a Mini Trebuchet | STEM Activity

Thurs May 19th 2022

Objectives Relate the properties of a state to the energy content and particle arrangement of that state of matter. Explain forces and energy changes involved. - ppt download

Hoarfrost and fall foliage on Oct. 19, 2015 near Corning, New York. (Photo credit: Colleen Hart/The Weather Channel Facebook page)

Science 8

See TEAMS; Workbook pages 81 and 82.

Make A Difference, new textbook, pages 146 and 147.

Keep calm and ask for help poster Royalty Free Vector Image

Science 10

No homework; we’re finishing Make A Difference/Polycultures page 61 on Tuesday May 24th.

Genetics Test Marks should be posted by later today 😉

See me during FIT if you’re having difficulty or want to discuss your future in Science 10.

Science 8 10 Wed May 18 2022

Science-U @ Home / Oobleck Experiment

Science 8

We’re doing an activity today (making Oobleck, p 134).

And giving a second chance for checking workbook pages 72-76 and checking to see if you learned anything from the At Issue, page 117 😉

Your marks have been updated on MyED, please check with the office if you still don’t know how to access your assignment results.

The Biggest Little Farm: The Return แบบเต็ม English Documentary บน Disney+ Hotstar

Science 10

Finishing the Make A Difference activity, Tuesday.

BIG TEST tomorrow, all of Genetics, see TEAMS for the pages and Moodle link.

Science 8 10 Thursday May 12th 2022

Science 8

We went through topic 2.2 on “describing states of matter” (textbook pages on teams); homework, we did most of page 69 in your new workbook (BC Connections 8) together, and then you do #4 for homework.

Also, topic 2.2 powerpoint booklet, the back page, Density Calculations, that’s also for homework, due tomorrow (Fri May 13).

Science 10

We did “At Issue” pages 19 (Human Genome Project) and 20 (Heirloom varieties of vegetables); then we asked you to do New Workbook, pages 51 and 52 for homework (due tomorrow, Friday May 13th).