Science 10 Upcoming dates/activities

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Today the Band members missed “DNA Bracelets”, please ask your study buddy about it, and come by Tues at lunch to make yours! Don’t worry, the image above is wayyy cooler than what we did, maybe Ms Lee or Ms Gabelman can help you with that 😉

Friday May 3rd, Open Book Test (again, ask your study buddy about what we did today, including marking pages 7 and 8 in the workbook and ensuring you’ve done page 9 for the open book test (Friday April 26th) and get caught up, the Test is open book and you might need some of the stuff we did today).

Science 8 due dates

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Eyeball Dissection Lab Write-up (see sample posted on the whiteboard) due date:

Day 1 Due Thurs April 11th (blocks 1.3 and 1.4)

Day 2 Due Friday April 12th (blocks 2.1 and 2.2)

Chapter 5 TEST 

Day 1 classes, Friday April 5th

Day 2 classes, postponed to Monday April 8th

Eyeball Quiz (all 9 parts discussed in class):

Day 1 classes Tuesday April 9th

Day 2 classes Wed April 10th

General Information and Biology 12 due dates

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Film Fest tomorrow, reminder to go to your homeroom first thing in the morning, and again after lunch.

Biology 12 due dates:

Launch Activity, due now

Heart lab, due now

Cardiovascular disease, due now (and by April 5th at the latest please)

Chapter 13 Study and Objective Questions (due April 5th, Friday, Day 1)

Sphygmomanometer Lab, due with data and answers to questions, Thurs March 14th

You Lived Underwater (Fetal Circulation comparison drawing) due Thurs March 14th

Heart Structure sheet (two hearts, same page) due Thurs March 14th.