Science 8 due dates

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Eyeball Dissection Lab Write-up (see sample posted on the whiteboard) due date:

Day 1 Due Thurs April 11th (blocks 1.3 and 1.4)

Day 2 Due Friday April 12th (blocks 2.1 and 2.2)

Chapter 5 TEST 

Day 1 classes, Friday April 5th

Day 2 classes, postponed to Monday April 8th

Eyeball Quiz (all 9 parts discussed in class):

Day 1 classes Tuesday April 9th

Day 2 classes Wed April 10th

General Information and Biology 12 due dates

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Film Fest tomorrow, reminder to go to your homeroom first thing in the morning, and again after lunch.

Biology 12 due dates:

Launch Activity, due now

Heart lab, due now

Cardiovascular disease, due now (and by April 5th at the latest please)

Chapter 13 Study and Objective Questions (due April 5th, Friday, Day 1)

Sphygmomanometer Lab, due with data and answers to questions, Thurs March 14th

You Lived Underwater (Fetal Circulation comparison drawing) due Thurs March 14th

Heart Structure sheet (two hearts, same page) due Thurs March 14th.


Science 8 due dates for Chapter 6 with answer key link, workbook chapter 5

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Here’s the link for pages 71-85. Use this to check your answers in the booklet photocopied for you, from Chapter 5. It would be useful to use this answer key to check your work and review for the Chapter 5 test.

Chapter 6 activities 6-1 6-3 6-5 due by the end of Friday’s class (March 15th) for 2.1 and 2.2 classes, for blocks 1.3 and 1.4 this is due by the end of Thursday’s class (March 14th).

Chapter 5 TEST

Blocks 1.3 and 1.4 Friday April 5th

Blocks 2.1 and 2.2 Thursday April 4th

Biology 12 Circulation Research Paper

Biology 12 Circulation Research Paper


Due March 14th, typed, cited please (hard copies only this time :))

Pick one of the following (or your own) disease on circulation and then follow the Research Paper template below, to summarize your information.

Cerebrovascular disease

Marfan syndrome

Metabolic syndrome

Peripheral vascular disease


Cardiac arrhythmia

Coronary artery disease

Cardiovascular disease
Please use this (note the 2 images portion):

Template for Research Papers

Name: ________________________________ Date: ________________ Block: ________

Use the following guiding principles to formulate a well-researched and articulate paper:

  • Always provide your¬†citations¬†at the end. Most work is researched from reputable online sources,¬†you must use 2 outside of Wikipedia. LiveStrong and government websites might be more reliable than run of the mill websites found by simply entering key terms.
  • Open with an¬†introduction¬†both stating your¬†thesis¬†and a¬†summaryof what you will be writing about.
  • Include within the body, a brief¬†history¬†of the disorder; the¬†research and development¬†currently surrounding this disorder;¬†what¬†the disorder is in a nutshell; the¬†prognosis¬†and likelihood of a¬†remedy;¬†symptoms; etc not necessarily in this order and¬†preferably in their own paragraphs¬†as common sense dictates
  • A¬†conclusion¬†summarizing your paper and including a¬†personal connection¬†to this topic and/or the¬†reason¬†you chose this over other diseases.

You need not include all the information on the web in this paper. Two well written pages (usually around 500 words) plus 2 diagrams or photos or images (cited please) from the web will suffice. The images should be appended or pasted after the written portion of your paper.

Please us your class time wisely.

Printer issues; please anticipate as research papers are due at the bell with no leniency given around leaving to print in the learning commons. After the bell late work will be assessed as per Biology 12 Course Outline guidelines.

Plagiarism: please include citations –> research gathered is to be¬†in your own words. Academic honesty policies abound on the JO Website, VSB Policy guidelines, and on Mr Sommerfeld‚Äôs bulletin board near the front entrance¬†😉

Due date: _____________________

Science 8 Light as a Particle Activities and due dates

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Law of Reflection Lab & Lenses and Curved Mirrors Activity due together, 

For block 2.1 due Tues March 5th

For block 2.2 due Monday March 11th

For blocks 1.3 and 1.4 due Wed March 6th

Activities 5.2 5.3 and 5.4 (beaker, rect. prism, magic trick with coin)

For blocks 2.1 and 2.2 due Monday March 11th

For blocks 1.3 and 1.4 due Tues March 12th


Science 10 TRANSFORMATION OF ENERGY – Choose Your Own Adventure

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Unit 3 has been about Energy Transformation. Using what we know from Chapter 3.2 in the new textbook, complete the following:

Using the internet and your amazing curiosity, research one of the following, and submit a paper copy or to my email (, with the following subject: Unit 3.2 Assignment, Block (and include your block please 2.3 or 2.4). Due next class or Monday March 4th 11:59 pm to my inbox.

Choose one of these:

  1. If Radiation is so nasty, how do people who work with it protect themselves? how do companies use this stuff to HELP people? (use page 233 in your new textbook)
  2. Physics jobs: Since we’re studying Energy Transformation, research a job or career found on page 236 that interests you. Answer #2 please.
  3. Make a Difference: Remote communities often have difficulty with getting energy, clean water, and getting supplies shipped to them. Research and answer # 1, 2, 3 on page 237.
  4. Molten salt sounds awesome! Answer #1 and #2 on page 238 that have to do with Digging Deeper and how Salt can generate electricity in Gemasolar Spain.

The format isn’t important, use Prezi or Google Slides to make it interesting, or just do it point form if you’re busy. Be prepared to share some of your information with your classmates in a friendly Q and A, and even participate in a game of Kahoot later!