Science 8 Deadlines

Workbook 4.2, Find Out Activity “Watching Waves” p. 134, and Lab 4.4 p. 140.

Block 2.1 and 2.2 due Tues Dec 19th

Block 1.2 due Mon Dec 18th

Reminder: the Find Out Activity, we basically answered in class, be prepared to show your understanding, there’s nothing to physically hand in.

Lab 4.4 Hand in a sheet of paper or two, with your drawings from Procedure, p. 141 and the Analyze and Conclude & Apply questions, also p. 141.

Each student must hand in their own diagrams and answers to the lab. 


Biology 12 Enzyme Disorders Research Paper

To hand in last class before Winter Break:

A research paper on Enzyme disorders.

Use the template (here on a previous blog) and research EITHER Tay-Sachs disease or PKU (Phenylketonuria).

If you have already done PKU please choose Tay-Sachs.

Block 2.4 will be in Room 303 on Wed Dec 13th

Block 1.1 will be in the library hopefully Mon Dec 18th (confirmed; meet in 307 for attendance/silent reading then we’ll travel together)

Winter Wrap Up ~ Important Dates ALL GRADES

Biology 12 ENZYME LAB

Don’t miss your Enzyme Lab (there will not be a make up for this lab due to the prep/materials involved, missing is a zero even with a note, sorry):

Block 1.1 Thurs Dec 14th

Block 2.4 Fri Dec 15th

Read ahead and be ready, one class period to get the procedure done.

Write up is due:

Block 1.1 Fri Dec 22

Block 2.4 Thurs Dec 21


Block 1.1 Wed Dec 20th (at your request :))

Block 2.4 Thurs Dec 21st


Science 10

Workbook 6.1 due Thurs Dec 14th

Workbook 6.2 due Mon Dec 18th

Test on chapter 6 Wed Dec 20th (practice! Might I recommend the practise problems in your textbook, sprinkled throughout your chapter 6, very tasty as the answers are located very near to the back of your textbook).

See me after school Tuesdays for additional help but DONT FORGET about Math/Science tutor club, tues thurs (free) in the learning commons after 3pm and the Wed lunch help session in room 211.


Science 8 Workbook 4.1 (new unit on optics) due

block 1.2 Thurs Dec 14

block 2.1 and 2.2 due Wed Dec 13th

Eye dissection is on its way ~ tune in after Christmas for the New Year Special –> sheep eyes!! (officially, part of chapter 6)

Science 8 Chapter 3 test Biology 12 Chapter 6 Study and Obj Ques

Please remember the whiteboard in the classroom is your most reliable source for homework assignment due dates.

The chapter 3 test is happening:

Blocks 2.2 2.1 Mon Dec 11

Block 1.2 Tues Dec 12


Biology 12 Please have chapter 6 (Enzymes) Study and Objective questions done by Tues Dec 12 (Day 1.1) And Monday Dec 11 for Day 2.4.