Biology 12 Cells Questions on Halloween Oct 31st

CELLS Q and A – Please answer the following questions in point form.


  1. If a tiny hole is made in a plasma membrane, it usually “heals” immediately, and no harm results. What property of the plasma membrane allows this?


  1. Lipids, small molecules, and uncharged particles pass into and out of the cell with relative ease. What characteristics of the cell membrane can be inferred from these observation?


  1. Describe the Fluid Mosaic Model of membrane structure.


  1. A continuous system of membranous channels is believed to connect the nucleus with the cell membrane. Describe the structure and function of the organelles prominent in this system.


  1. Why is the nucleus centrally positioned in most eukaryotic cells?


  1. Describe the structure and function of mitochondria and chloroplasts.


  1. An inherited disorder in humans results in the absence of dynein (an important structural protein) in flagella and cilia. The disease causes respiratory problems and sterility in males.  What is connection between these two symptoms?


  1. What are the two main types of cells and how do they differ structurally? Hint:  the answer is NOT plant and animal cells!


  1. Most animals are heterotrophs that can move. Most plants are stationary autotrophs.  Explain how the differences in the structure of plant and animal cells contribute to these characteristics.


  1. What challenges face a cell that undergoes a great increase in size? How can the cell overcome these challenges?


  1. Vinblastine is a drug that interferes with the assembly of microtubules. It is widely used for chemotherapy in treating cancer patients.  Suggest a hypothesis to explain how vinblastine slows tumour growth by inhibiting cell division.


  1. The Endosymbiotic Theory Of Eukaryotic Cell Origin states that mitochondria and chloroplasts were at one time independent organisms that were “enslaved”, so to speak, by an ancient precursor to modern eukaryotic cells. Give some structural evidence in these two organelles that would tend to support this hypothesis.


  1. Give 3 characteristics you would expect to find in a Protein-secreting cell.

Biology 12 CELL RESEARCH ASSIGN Thurs October 25th in lieu of Holocaust Symposium

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The general Cell Research assignment is available for pickup in my room, 307, standing file on the table in your block’s folder (Block 1.1). Due Wed Oct 31st.

The electronic copy is available on Moodle as well as right here (obviously adapt as needed, you can do group work if you wanted to but…) :

~~~~~~~~~Cell Research Assignment, Oct 25 (Due October 31st)~~~~~~~

What lifestyle choices affect your health and well-being?

  1. Using a T-chart brainstorm then compare and contrast positive and negative choices senior students make throughout the last two years of high school.
  2. After compiling your lists join with three other class mates and share your information.
  3. Now choose two positive and two negative choices teenagers make around health and research them more fully. What short term effects are of major concern? What long term effects are there? Would you step in and help or confront someone you know who is going to make a bad decision? Would you work towards helping someone towards a positive choice in their life?

Using the internet, follow your research and examine possible effects at the CELLULAR level. What are they? What are positive choices or treatments that can counteract the negative effects? Put this information into your own words, and record it in your own writing, in point form.

Lastly, suggest from the research findings you gathered in this assignment, that if you had more time, what you would be interested in pursuing outside of this Biology 12 classroom. Why did you pick this particular information to look into more thoroughly?

Science 8 and 10

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Science 8 Deadlines for Onion Lab

Day 1’s Due Friday Nov 2

Day 2’s Due Thurs Nov 1


Science 10

pH lab postponed to Friday (PSI day Wed Oct 24th, all afternoon)

Block 2.3 please come to my room 307 for attendance then we head to the auditorium together. Bring a pen, don’t bring your bag or your liquids. No lab today.

The schedule is something like this:



Session 1


Session 2


Session 3


Gr. 10 Introduction


SFU – Auditorium Your choice:

BCIT – Career Centre

Langara – Learning Comm.

Kwantlen – Staff Room

Mini Fair – Cafeteria

Science 8 10 and Biology 12 updates

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Science 8 posters: Day 1 classes due Oct 23 and Day 2 classes due Oct 24

Then you get your Microscope labs back; we’ll discuss them and then continue with the Onion Lab (Lab 1-7, very cool, check it out in your textbook!).

Science 10: Periodic Table (p 172) and Polyatomic Ion (p 192) quiz redo, next Tues Oct 23 after school NOT today Oct 16 as I am not here today

Biology 12: your tests are almost marked

Next Chapter, Chapter 3, do the Study and Objective Questions at the end of the chapter, get a sense of how much more detail there is here than in grade 8.

Due Monday Oct 22 as I’m not here this Thurs (conference)

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