Science 8 10 and Biology 12 updates

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Science 8 posters: Day 1 classes due Oct 23 and Day 2 classes due Oct 24

Then you get your Microscope labs back; we’ll discuss them and then continue with the Onion Lab (Lab 1-7, very cool, check it out in your textbook!).

Science 10: Periodic Table (p 172) and Polyatomic Ion (p 192) quiz redo, next Tues Oct 23 after school NOT today Oct 16 as I am not here today

Biology 12: your tests are almost marked

Next Chapter, Chapter 3, do the Study and Objective Questions at the end of the chapter, get a sense of how much more detail there is here than in grade 8.

Due Monday Oct 22 as I’m not here this Thurs (conference)

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