Biology 12 CELL RESEARCH ASSIGN Thurs October 25th in lieu of Holocaust Symposium

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The general Cell Research assignment is available for pickup in my room, 307, standing file on the table in your block’s folder (Block 1.1). Due Wed Oct 31st.

The electronic copy is available on Moodle as well as right here (obviously adapt as needed, you can do group work if you wanted to but…) :

~~~~~~~~~Cell Research Assignment, Oct 25 (Due October 31st)~~~~~~~

What lifestyle choices affect your health and well-being?

  1. Using a T-chart brainstorm then compare and contrast positive and negative choices senior students make throughout the last two years of high school.
  2. After compiling your lists join with three other class mates and share your information.
  3. Now choose two positive and two negative choices teenagers make around health and research them more fully. What short term effects are of major concern? What long term effects are there? Would you step in and help or confront someone you know who is going to make a bad decision? Would you work towards helping someone towards a positive choice in their life?

Using the internet, follow your research and examine possible effects at the CELLULAR level. What are they? What are positive choices or treatments that can counteract the negative effects? Put this information into your own words, and record it in your own writing, in point form.

Lastly, suggest from the research findings you gathered in this assignment, that if you had more time, what you would be interested in pursuing outside of this Biology 12 classroom. Why did you pick this particular information to look into more thoroughly?

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