Science 8 10 and Biology 12

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Science 8, Chapter 2 Test (Body Systems) Please hand in your Chicken Heart Labs and homework (page 81 and 95 from the textbook) Be prepared to label a heart and write about why one ventricle is thick, why one is thin. 

Day 1 Mon Nov 26

Day 2 Tues Nov 27

Then, Joker’s Classic for Wed and Thurs (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans)

Science 10

Chapter 5 test Tuesday November 27th

(Chapter 5 Review Wed and Friday this week)

Joker’s Classic Thursday Nov 29th  (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans)

Biology 12 

  1. Cell Membrane (Chapter 4) Test, Tues December 4th
  2. Study and Objective Questions from Chapter 4 due Monday Nov 26th
  3. Joker’s Classic Wed (bring $2 or $5 or 3 cans) and Enzyme lab on Friday

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