Biology 12 Digestion Lab :)

Digestion Dissection Activity: Observing the Pork Stomach and Large Intestine

Using the Compound Light and Dissecting microscopes, attack your lab using the worksheet provided in class.

Pork Bung (Rectum and large intestine)

Pork Stomach (2 layers)

The following three structures are to extend your learning and completely optional:

Pork Tongue (superficial, taste buds)

Omasum (smaller honey comb thin structure)

Abomasum (Honey Comb Tripe)

Copy and paste the following recipe to find what to do with these structures when we’re done with them:

Due dates (each person hands in their own): Block 2.4 due Thurs Jan 18th

Block 1.1 due Tues January 23rd

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