Biology 12 Block 2.4 and 1.1


Since Moodle is down today, we’re heading to lab 303 or the Learning Commons (block 1.1) (meet in 307 first) to find out what happens to us meat eaters, a few thousand days from now.

Using your Digestion Notes booklet and the internet, agree or disagree with the following statement, backing it up with research and citations at the end:

“Eating meat is a personal choice and provides vital nutrients for the body you can’t get anywhere else while maintaining a healthy and robust economy”. 

Unpack this any way you wish, minimum 2 pages (500 words) with 2 diagrams and 2 sources. Please state your thesis within the introduction. Explore your main points in the body, summarize your stance in and restate your findings in the conclusion.

Due Tuesday January 16th (block 2.4) or Wednesday January 17th (block 1.1)

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