BE CURIOUS! Thanks to my 8’s whose curiosity knows no bounds!

I’m supposed to be in a lunch meeting right now (teachers, we eat and work!).

But i have some students who asked really good questions today! My number one rule, be curious!

A sample of today’s questions, around Circulation, the heart, and capillaries:

  1. Does space affect the heart? An open ended question would then become, how does space affect the heart (I hope Olvin becomes a scientist/astronaut)?
  2. Does diffusion happen in space? Knowing that zero Kelvin is absolute zero, work backwards and think about what has to happen to allow for diffusion to happen. What is the temperature of outer space, on average? I think we were considering an atmosphere but no gravity. What about in outer space outside of your space capsule?
  3. Time to go to the meeting…

Keep it up grade 8’s, life is so extraordinary!

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