Biology 12 Research Paper Template and Chap 4 Membrane Disorders

Biology 12 – We will be looking into some of the most prevalent disorders of the Cell Membrane including but not limited to, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimer’s, and Hyaline Membrane Disease.

Hyaline Membrane Disease - a disease of preterm infants in which the lungs 
are not fully mature at the time of birth, resulting in respiratory 
distress. Pneumocytes are not fully differentiated and so the lungs are 
not capable of the normal oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange that is required 
after birth.

Alzheimer's - oxidative stress (in the brain) caused by Alzheimer's 
results in alterations in the phosphlipids that comprise the cell membrane 
and disrupts the function of affected brain cells.

Cystic fibrosis - a defect in a calcium-ion channel results (for unclear 
reasons) in excess production of fluid in the lungs.

Template for Research Papers

Name: ________________________________ Date: ________________ Block: ________

Use the following guiding principles to formulate a well-researched and articulate paper:

  • Always provide your citations at the end. Most work is researched from reputable online sources, you must use 2 outside of Wikipedia. LiveStrong and government websites might be more reliable than run of the mill websites found by simply entering key terms.
  • Open with an introduction both stating your thesis and a summaryof what you will be writing about.
  • Include within the body, a brief history of the disorder; the research and development currently surrounding this disorder; what the disorder is in a nutshell; the prognosis and likelihood of a remedysymptoms; etc not necessarily in this order and preferably in their own paragraphs as common sense dictates
  • conclusion summarizing your paper and including a personal connection to this topic and/or the reason you chose this over other diseases.

You need not include all the information on the web in this paper. Two well written pages (usually around 500 words) plus 2 diagrams or photos or images (cited please) from the web will suffice. The images should be appended or pasted after the written portion of your paper.

Please us your class time wisely.

Printer issues; please anticipate as research papers are due at the bell with no leniency given around leaving to print in the learning commons. After the bell late work will be assessed as per Biology 12 Course Outline guidelines.

Plagiarism: research gathered is to be in your own words. Academic honesty policies abound on the JO Website, VSB Policy guidelines, and on Mr Sommerfeld’s bulletin board near the front entrance 😉

Due date: _____________________

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