Science 10 Blocks 1-2A and 1-2B

For those of you starting Science 10 Remotely, Monday Sept 14th, you’ll need to check here for your assignments until I get everything set up in TEAMS.

You need to:

  1. Pick up Textbooks, Course Outlines, and your Science 10 Learning Guides, 10:30-11:30 or 2:30-3:03 tomorrow/Friday!!! Room 307, sign in for your textbooks, there will be a sheet provided for you. Textbook number, your name, and your email in case you lose it.
  2. Using your green textbook, do all 20 pages in the Learning Guide (not the first 2 pages, they’re information only) and have them ready for checking Monday Sept 21st when you’re in my class, FACE to FACE also known as F2F. There’ll be a quiz on the booklet so make sure you understand what you’re doing.
  3. Check TEAMS for more information since I can’t get into Moodle at the moment, or set up your blocks on TEAMS (use the Science 10 Team for now)

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