Biology 12 Nov 20th Research on Mutations Assignment

Biology 12 Research Assignment – Genetic and Chromosomal Mutations

Your research assignment shall include a hard copy of a 500 word essay (minimum) and including information on at least 2 mutations affecting our species (stay away from frogs and crocodiles). Use your textbook’s chapter 25 and/or p 13 of your DNA booklet to help with ideas on what to research, the “Map of Chromosome X”.

Citations (2 plus Wikipedia, reputable, think EBSCO or GALE virtual library)

A synopsis of both mutations, including the 5 W’s of good reporting:

  1. Who (where in the world is this most prevalent; is a gender more prone to getting this)
  2. Where (which chromosome is most affected; what part of the body is affected, etc)
  3. What (describe how this mutation is expressed, is it lethal? Do they have 6 toes?)
  4. When (provide some history of the research of this mutation, when and who founded it? And how did they discover it?)
  5. Why (how did this mutation happen? Do they think it’s x-rays or deli meat? Give the cause if known or suspected cause if ongoing)
  6. Anything else you think of that would lend itself to good reporting.

Include a picture or diagram of each mutation; what do they look like? How does it occur?

Due Monday November 30th.

No extensions in Term 2. On time or lose 10% immediately and 10% per day thereafter as per the Biology 12 outline.

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