Science due dates, Science 8 Science 10 and Biology 12

Science 8 – Chapter 2 test Friday November the 13th! Remember to┬ádo your Chapter 2 Review, page 96 in your textbook, #1-23 (Prepare Your Own Summary is optional, do the Checking Concepts and Understanding) because it’s your ticket to getting your test! In other words, no Chapter 2 Review, no Test! Block 1.1, your test will be the following Tuesday November 17th.

Lab 2-3 Chicken Wing/Foot lab is now past due

Workbook 2.3 is due Tuesday November 10th (block 1.1 due Friday Nov 13th instead)

Activity 2-4 and Lab 1-7 are very late

Lab 1-3 was due at the beginning of October and will no longer be accepted.

Parents, thank you for checking in on your child’s assignments. Come back here to see what is due and when. The whiteboard in my classroom always has the homework on it and your child is encouraged to keep themselves up to date with the Agenda book handed out in September.

Science 10 – Chapter 5 test – Day 1 class, Fri Nov 13th

Day 2 class Monday Nov 16th

Biology 12 – Chapter 4 test Monday Nov 9th

Chapter 25 Study and Objective Questions due Thursday Nov 12th

Research topic: Using the devices available in the Learning Commons, describe the use of Recombinant DNA in the cases of David Vetter and Rhys Evans using your best essay writing skills and keeping it within 250 words. Include a drawing to help with your description of how Recombinant DNA works.

Due Thursday November 12th.

Remember to use at least 2 sources outside of Wikipedia. Cite them.

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