Midyear Exam Dates and REMINDERS, all grades

Science 8: Friday January 29th 130-3 pm Cafeteria (no bags or pencil cases, just your Go-card, pencils, good eraser, and calculator and STUDY SHEET!!)

Science 10: Wed Jan 27th Cafeteria 1-3 pm (calculator, not programmable, Go-card, pencils, eraser – the exam will cover chapters 4-7 only).

Biology 12: Tues Jan 26th – check your schedule:

Martin’s Bi12’s are in Room 305

Sommerfeld Block 2.2 is in Room 318

Sommerfeld Block 2.4 is in Room 307

please be there a few minutes early to set up

1-230 pm (skip the SKID ROW CEO presentation).

SUPERNOTES for the Midyear AND Digestion Handout master booklet, fill in your blanks for keywords

supernotres These are body system notes, including everything covered from Jan – June Digestion to Reproduction, courtesy of Kyle Kirkwood at Southhill.

Notes – Digestion – Teacher Courtesy of Mr Raycroft, I believe, Biology Guru. Thank you.

o_DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Courtesy Public School District SD 23

supernotes bi12 not sure who to give credit to, email if you want csommerfel@vsb.bc.ca This is the whole year, summarized according to your course outlines. When you need a deeper understanding and/or more details, consult your notes and textbook.

AT THIS MOMENT (*could change) your midyear exams look like this:

Science 8, Friday (no time or location yet, stay tuned) January 29th

Science 10, Wed Jan 27th, 1-3 pm in the cafeteria (reminder to bring Go-Cards and a calculator)

Biology 12, Tues Jan 26th, 1-230 pm (rooms 313, 318, and 320)

As time and schedules permit, we’ll be reviewing how to prepare for large exams.


Science 8 – you should be making flashcards or webs to prepare for your Midyear Exam, the week of January 25th. The exam will cover chapters 1, 2, 3, and only 4.1 of chapter 4.

Chapter 5.2 is due Thurs Jan 14th (CP Day, early dismissal).

Science 10: Block 1.3 Workbook 8.2 is due Thurs Jan 14th


Due: Thurs Jan 21st, 500 word min (2 pages, but use word count, 500 words)

Including photos pulled and cited from the internet, choose one of the 27 diseases mentioned on page 10 and 11 of your Digestion booklets. Please take a moment to think of someone in your life who might suffer or know of someone who suffers from the disease you chose – make a personal connection, include it in your conclusion.

Introduction: what disease did you pick, and a brief synopsis of what you’ve found. Min three sentences here.

The body of your research essay should include but not be limited to the following (there’s an appositive in there):

what the disease is

what causes the disease

where is the disease most prevalent (does race or gender play a part?)

common symptoms

preventions and cures or research moving towards a cure (what is the medical establishment doing about it)

a link with digestion (what does your disease have to do with our current unit on digestion – need specificity and brevity here)

In the conclusion, summarize your findings and include why you chose this specific disease, your personal connection.



Due Dates

Science 8 – Workbook 5.1 and Chapter 4 Review (with the Prepare Your Own Summary) due Wed Jan 6

Chapter 4 TEST – Wed January 6th

Biology 12 Reminder – no flash/USB drives allowed, email your Vitamin Presentation to yourself and Mr Sommerfeld (carlsommerfeld@gmail.com) and make sure it downloads


REVISED TUES DEC 15th Biology 12 update

Winter Madness, Block 2.3 Friday December 18th

Biology 12 – Please remember to do your Enzymes Pop Quiz (14 questions)that must be made up. Sign up on my office hours clipboard.

Since Friday is NO LONGER CP schedule, we’ll look at keeping the test for FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th. 

And the Vitamin Assignment/Presentation will be moved back to Jan 5th.

The Mini’s (keep the schedule the same) who are going (Richard and his Minions) can perform the first Monday they come back, and their test date will be Tues Jan 12 after school. Sign up on the clipboard for office hours.

Science 8 10 and Biology 12

Science 8 – Workbook 4.2 due tomorrow (Wed Dec 9th)

Chapter 4 Test, Wednesday January 6th

Science 10 – Workbook 7.2 due next class (day 1.3 due Wed Dec 9th, day 2.1 due Thurs Dec 10th)

Chapter 7 Test: Next Week!! (day 1.3, Thurs Dec 17th; day 2.1 Friday Dec 18th)

Biology 12: reminder to hand in both your Enzyme Lab (catalase) and your Enzyme Research Paper this Thurs Dec 10th.

Enzymes Test (including chapter 6 and page 375/Thyroxin) is now Friday Dec 18th.