Biology 12 reminder, Catalase “Chicken Liver” lab, this Wednesday

Please read over your lab and be prepared to do it, this Wednesday Dec 2nd.

Reminder: Chapter 6 (Enzymes & Metabolic reactions) Study and Objective Questions are due this Friday Dec 4th.

Yes, Joker Classic girls, you can do your Bio lab at lunch on Wed and leave when you’ve collected all your data.

The lab write-up is due Thurs Dec 10 (Parent Teacher day).

Watch Andersen’s rendition of Enzymes if you haven’t already done so (i.e. you missed last day’s class).

Biology 12 Nov 20th Research on Mutations Assignment

Biology 12 Research Assignment – Genetic and Chromosomal Mutations

Your research assignment shall include a hard copy of a 500 word essay (minimum) and including information on at least 2 mutations affecting our species (stay away from frogs and crocodiles). Use your textbook’s chapter 25 and/or p 13 of your DNA booklet to help with ideas on what to research, the “Map of Chromosome X”.

Citations (2 plus Wikipedia, reputable, think EBSCO or GALE virtual library)

A synopsis of both mutations, including the 5 W’s of good reporting:

  1. Who (where in the world is this most prevalent; is a gender more prone to getting this)
  2. Where (which chromosome is most affected; what part of the body is affected, etc)
  3. What (describe how this mutation is expressed, is it lethal? Do they have 6 toes?)
  4. When (provide some history of the research of this mutation, when and who founded it? And how did they discover it?)
  5. Why (how did this mutation happen? Do they think it’s x-rays or deli meat? Give the cause if known or suspected cause if ongoing)
  6. Anything else you think of that would lend itself to good reporting.

Include a picture or diagram of each mutation; what do they look like? How does it occur?

Due Monday November 30th.

No extensions in Term 2. On time or lose 10% immediately and 10% per day thereafter as per the Biology 12 outline.

Thurs November 12

Science 8 – Workbook 3.1 Read and do it to the best of your ability, due the class after your Chap 2 Test (see previous blog entry for test dates).

Reminder: Chapter 2 Review (textbook) is due the day of your test, you will trade it for your test. Page 96, #1-23 (Prepare Your Own Summary is optional).

Science 10 – Chapter 6.1 Workbook – due Tues Nov 17 (Day 1.3 class) and Wed Nov 18 (day 2.1 class).

Please remember to do the Chapter 5 Review, p 252 #1-23, trade for your test.

Biology 12 – Test, chapter 25 and first part of chapter 26 (see your Biology 12 Outline for specifics), most likely Monday, Nov 30th.


Science due dates, Science 8 Science 10 and Biology 12

Science 8 – Chapter 2 test Friday November the 13th! Remember to do your Chapter 2 Review, page 96 in your textbook, #1-23 (Prepare Your Own Summary is optional, do the Checking Concepts and Understanding) because it’s your ticket to getting your test! In other words, no Chapter 2 Review, no Test! Block 1.1, your test will be the following Tuesday November 17th.

Lab 2-3 Chicken Wing/Foot lab is now past due

Workbook 2.3 is due Tuesday November 10th (block 1.1 due Friday Nov 13th instead)

Activity 2-4 and Lab 1-7 are very late

Lab 1-3 was due at the beginning of October and will no longer be accepted.

Parents, thank you for checking in on your child’s assignments. Come back here to see what is due and when. The whiteboard in my classroom always has the homework on it and your child is encouraged to keep themselves up to date with the Agenda book handed out in September.

Science 10 – Chapter 5 test – Day 1 class, Fri Nov 13th

Day 2 class Monday Nov 16th

Biology 12 – Chapter 4 test Monday Nov 9th

Chapter 25 Study and Objective Questions due Thursday Nov 12th

Research topic: Using the devices available in the Learning Commons, describe the use of Recombinant DNA in the cases of David Vetter and Rhys Evans using your best essay writing skills and keeping it within 250 words. Include a drawing to help with your description of how Recombinant DNA works.

Due Thursday November 12th.

Remember to use at least 2 sources outside of Wikipedia. Cite them.

Science 8 and Science 10

Science 8  – Test on chapter 1, Thursday October 22 (Workbook 1.3 is now past due); do the Reading Checks in every chapter of your textbook to check for understanding; try the Chapter 1 Review and see me for the answers to see if you’re on the right track. We’ll be dissecting chicken feet soon (hopefully).

Science 10 – Chapter 4 Test (Day 1 Thursday October 22) (Day 2 Wed Oct 21). We supply a data booklet so you don’t have to have the Periodic Table and Polyatomic Ions memorized.

Remember to do/complete your FIND OUT ACTIVITY involving testing for acids and bases. You get a test when you produce your own copy of the assignment, p 221.

Due Dates with Mr. Sommerfeld

Biology 12: Chapter 1 Study and Objective Questions (Tues Sept 22)

Homeostasis Lab (past due)

Chapter 2 Study and Objective Questions (Thurs Sept 24)

Science 10: Workbook 4.2 (now due)

Retests for Periodic Table and Polyatomic Ions (see Mr S’ sideboard for details)

ELL Booklets Day 1 due Friday Sept 25, Day 2 due Thurs Sept 24th 

Science 8: Microscope Quizzes Wed Sept 23 (label and demonstrate)

Ell Booklets and Lab 1-3 Reports (Wednesday Sept 23)

Workbook 1.1 due Friday Sept 25th