July 2024

Socials 9 Hwk Jan. 12

Please complete Climate graph and Canada Tour Map (Question 1.a) pg. 16) ……. only plot the cities listed on pg. 11-13, include:

  • the 5 great lakes
  • plus 4 other lakes,
  • 5 rivers and
  • 2 mountain ranges on the Canada Map……..

Due Date: Tuesday Jan. 16 

Socials 9 Hwk Jan.8

Please complete chart for pg 99-101 of Geography of Western Canada as well as bold terms from the list given……

Read booklet pg 1-4 and complete activities including map on pg. 10 of Canada

Map of should include:

  • title, scale, legend and all labels (places, bodies of water)  that are on page 10!

Due Date: Wednesday Jan. 10 

Socials 9 Chapter 10 Test

Part 1:

  • bold terms to define and some multiple choice questions

Part 2:

Please focus on these two questions :

  • reasons that the Americans went to war with the British in the American Revolution …..
  • major policies of British rule in New France after the treaty of Paris

* these will be answered in essay format

‘Child Labour’ mini research post

Please post your research below on the region your group selected. Please list all group members at the top of the post with the title …….

Due Date: 9:00 pm, Friday December 15 

Socials 9 Hwk Oct 25

Please read pg 129- 134; please create notes using a web or main idea with supporting details …..Also complete bold terms to pg. 134 and Activity question # 1 on pg. 134

Due Date: Oct 27 Friday

Socials 9 New Schedule

  • Chapter 3 Test: French Revolution on Monday Oct 16 ………….
  • Homelessness presentations postponed to Wednesday Oct 18 ………..


Socials 9 Chapter 3 Test

Chapter 3: French Revolution Test on October 16 Monday

All reading sections are on the test:



True and False questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Total questions = 50 marks



Socials 9 Quiz Oct 12

There will be a Quiz on pages 80-85 in the text….. this will complement the readings you have done in these sections…..

Quiz: Oct. 12 Thursday =  total 25 marks for the term 

Interims will be given out next week with work habit marks to all students  ………

Socials 9 Homelessness Project

Please work in your groups to research the question you selected.

Create a bibliography, and also write a description on how you went about the research…. explain what sites you went to and why choose them ……..

Create a poster that has visuals and points that answer your FOCUS question

Criteria (to be handed out at later);

Visuals  / 20

Neatness  / 15

Creativity  / 10 

Content ( Focus question answered from researched points)   / 20 

Total marks:  65 marks 


Due Date: October 12 Thursday at the end of the block !! ( your group will use this time to put the poster together for the first half…… presentations will take place this block during the second half, 3-5 minutes for each group )

Socials 9 ‘Philosophes’ Research Blog Post

Please research a French Philosopher from the 16/17 century and create two paragraphs that discuss the philosophy and character. Please create 2 paragraphs to post to the blog. Post the bibliography on the bottom.

Due Date: Saturday Sept 30 @ 9:00 pm