September 2017

Socials 9 Homelessness Project

Please work in your groups to research the question you selected.

Create a bibliography, and also write a description on how you went about the research…. explain what sites you went to and why choose them ……..

Create a poster that has visuals and points that answer your FOCUS question

Criteria (to be handed out […]

Socials 9 ‘Philosophes’ Research Blog Post

Please research a French Philosopher from the 16/17 century and create two paragraphs that discuss the philosophy and character. Please create 2 paragraphs to post to the blog. Post the bibliography on the bottom.

Due Date: Saturday Sept 30 @ 9:00 pm

SS 9 Hwk Due Sept 26

Please make sure you read pages 68-75 ‘New Ideas’ to ‘The Fall of the Bastille’ , and make notes for each section

Study for bold terms quiz from pages: 56-75

Fill in the blanks – definitions and word bank provided

Quiz: Sept 26 Tuesday

Socials 9 Block 2-4 Hwk Sept. 11

Please complete the reading pages 56-61.….create notes of 3-5 points in each of the 4 sections;

‘Regions of France’, ‘City Life’, ‘The Peasants’, and ‘The Bourgeoisie…..’

Also, complete the 7 Bold Terms on pg. 56 *** (on index cards if you can)

And the Timeline on pg. 55 —- 17 events (please use colours for […]

Socials 9 Block 2-4 Room Change

Hello everybody, welcome to the first post for your Socials class. Hopefully your weekend was good! Please be advised of a room change to room 120 on the first floor close to the auditorium. Please bring all necessary supplies to class which include:

paper binder dividers pens/pencils/eraser pencil crayons/ scissors/ruler/ glue stick and a fine-liner […]