May 2017

SS 10 Hwk May 3

Please complete your research on B.C. elections — political parties and their positions on the economy, environment, Education, Health Care, Family ……

Due Date: May 9 Tuesday

Please post your opinions on these issues:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Family

and answer, which party best shares your views?

Due Date: May 3 Wednesday @ 5:00pm

Please read pg. 221-231 …. please write bold terms and definitions

Due Date: May 9 Wednesday

7 comments to SS 10 Hwk May 3

  • Vivian Le

    I think the taxes are too high for those who are not making as much as those who are wealthy. It would be great if taxes were to be reduced and gave to those who are wealthier.

    I think we should reduce our footprints on earth. For the marine and coastal area, I think it would be nice to have more protection. To prevent those who dump trash in the sea.

    Post-Secondary school is very expensive. It is hard to find that money for continuing and trying to pursue what you would like to do for those who are not as wealthy. Most students would have to take out a loan, which at the end of their education, they would be in a big debt. I don’t think it’s the best way to start your life after studying for so long. Most students struggles with money and most has a part-time job while trying to graduate.

    Health care:
    Medicine is very expensive and that’s one of the few reasons why it is hard to be accessed. Those who are sick and are in need for treatment also struggles with money. They need the treatment but do not have enough money to pay for it. I find that unfair. People would treat those who pays them instead of trying to help those in need. Not all cases are like this but in my experience people can be greedy and rather help those who pays them.

    These days, people struggle with family building or raising children. Some just don’t have the money to provide for their loved ones. Some work harder than usual to make enough to get what they need for their families benefits.

    The party that shares my views the best would be the liberals.

  • Jarome Reyes

    My thoughts:

    economy: everybody shouldn’t be struggling financially, jobs should be plentiful

    environment: environmental protection should be priority, the environment is very important, we should reduce carbon emissions

    education: i don’t want to be in massive debt if i graduate from university/college

    healthcare: no one likes expensive healthcare that you have to give up a lot on, we want free canadian healthcare

    family: children seem hard to take care of, especially if the parents have to work. housing is far too expensive, it should be dealt with

    I believe the Green Party shares my views the best.

  • Priya Bagri

    Economy: I think creating more jobs in safe environments is very important. I think helping immigrants and newer citizens with jobs is needed. We need to recognize the resources BC has such as lumber businesses, which Christy Clark has closed. We need to increase the minimum wage because Vancouver is a very expensive city. We also need to crack down on poverty as a province.

    Environment: We need to eliminate green house gases and better the climate. We need to reduce the amount of carbon in the air and end trophy hunting for BC’s grizzly bears. We need to renew the forest industry and support lumber mills because that is a main resource export for BC. Beautiful British Columbia should be clean and have fresh air, no chemicals in the air.

    Education: ESL programs should be free because BC is a very diverse province with many new students from other countries looking for a better life. Public schools need more funding in academics. Kids need to get a proper education no matter where they live and no matter how crowded classrooms may be. We need bigger classrooms or more teachers. Science programs need more funding so kids can do more hands on work in STEM and the trades works. Post-secondary education should be available to all that can achieve the grades for it, even if they cant afford it. If they must take out loans or have low income families they should be able to get free tuition and free books.

    Health Care: Many lower mainland cities are getting populated at a fast rate and only have one or two hospitals. These fast growing cities need more hospitals and better emergency room care. BC needs more senior care homes and support homes. Everyone should be education on mental health in youth and adults. We need to crack down on addiction and problems in areas of poverty.

    Family: Authority figures need to crack down on gang activity and make neighbourhoods in so called “troubled” areas safer. More parks and campsites could be added for tourist attractions. Cleaner parks and school yards could make the province look cleaner. More money towards child care for low income families and welfare families. Every child should have the same opportunity for a great education

    The party i feel that i share my views with is the NDP party.

  • Karishma Kumar

    Economy- The Liberals are trying to cut down taxes for the middle class and supporting young adults to buy houses. They are making new hospitals, schools and roads. They want to open new markets sch as invest in making clean natural gases. I think it’s great that the Liberals are trying to help the young adults because Vancouver is a very expensive city which i don’t think it is such a good thing because things just keep on getting more expensive.

    Environment- The Liberals are building Site C which is suppose to make it clean and green energy for 100 years. They are giving new funds to parks and camping grounds and i think that is a good thing because they can build more things, the Liberals want to make BC more of a tourist province so i think it would be a great idea. They also want to expand the local veggies market so i think that would be good because it would be healthier for us too to eat more veggies and fruits.

    Education- I think that its wrong that th e Liberals are taking away from schools money and the most schools are shutting down because of that more schools are becoming more crowded. Another thing that i don’t think is right is that ESL cost money. My elementary school had it when i was in elementary and now they don’t. I don’t think that its right because kids need help. I think that they’re focusing more on he ESL because it cost money. The less money for text books is a cool thing because college student need to pay for a lot of things. They’re trying to add new funds which is good.

    Health care- They’re building new hospitals which is a good thing and they’re also building new day care places for kids which is good but if it’s expensive then i don’t think its great because there are a lot of families out there that can’t be spending money on day care because food id more important. Liberals are making long term contracts with nurses which is a good thing because it means that they will have jobs. I think it’s also very good because they’re looking at youth and young kids mental health and i think that it is very important.

    Family – When and if they build Site C there will be a lot of jobs available which can help a lot of families that need help with money. They’re also making houses more affordable which i think is a great thing because the houses right now are so expensive to what people get paid. They’re trying to make a program called LIFT that trains single parents and help them. I think that is great because it’s hard being a single parent and working.

    So i would support the Liberals.

  • Harveen Parmar

    Economy: I think the taxes shouldn’t be as high as they are. There are a lot of people financially struggling and it is hard for them to pay these taxes. Along with that, the minimum wage should be higher as it is only $10.85. However, the Liberals are trying to cut down the taxes for the middle class. I think it’s a good thing that they are trying to do that because it would help a lot of people with their financial struggles.

    Environment: Something I already think could help our environment is what the Liberals are planning on doing. The Liberals plan on building Site C which is a source of clean, renewable, and cost-effective electricity in B.C. for more than 100 years. I think this is a great idea that they have come up with because it will really help our environment.

    Education: I think the fees are too high for school. We all have the right to having an education and I think money shouldn’t be a problem, because it’s not in many people’s hand to fix that. A lot of people struggle with money but still want a good future and they want to be educated. Education is very important. It helps with out future and our career. Yet the liberals are taking money away from schools and due to that, schools are shutting down which I find wrong.

    Health Care: I think its great that in Canada, we have free health care. Unfortunately, there are some problems that we have too. Surrey is the biggest city in B.C. but there’s only one hospital. There should be more hospitals as the cities are growing. The price of medication is ridiculous. They are way too expensive and at one point in life, we all need medicine when we’re sick. They probably make a lot of money off of medicines but it’s bad for people that are paying for it because it’s really expensive. The Liberals are wanting to shut down senior homes which doesn’t make sense to me because they really help elderly people. In my opinion, they should fix all these things.

    Family: I think houses should be more affordable. Houses are really expensive and the prices should be reduced so lower class people can afford a nice home. Home support for seniors should also be increased. More jobs should be available so families can make more money together and younger people have an opportunity to start working without much effort to find a good job they prefer.

  • Manjot Mander

    The economy (ie. how do they propose improve the economy)
    I feel like the government should continue to support small businesses like they have been doing through programs like the South Lake Community Futures Development Corporation. We should pay off the federal debt because then we don’t pay interest on it and can use the money for the good of the people. These are some ways I think we can improve the economy. The main thing is to figure out the budget and how much you have to work with. And, definitely raise the minimum wage. A lot people can make a living on minimum wage they should really increase it especially when most of the population earns minimum wage.

    The environment:
    The Liberal party will continue the grizzly bear trophy hunt, defending and promoting it as “well-managed” and sustainable. They will work to end hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest only. The B.C. government has ended grizzly hunting among highly threatened sub-populations in the Interior and southern parts of the province.The NDP and Green parties would ban grizzly trophy hunting, but allow grizzly hunting for food. The NDP is leaving open the possibility for hunts where the grizzly meat is consumed. The Greens would make it a rule that anyone who kills a grizzly bear would have to cart the meat out to their home, to discourage hunts by foreigners. 

    I believe the government should put more focus on the trades. They should be giving trades students and colleges more financial support to ensure they are successful, which will, in turn, bring more employment to our communities. If they have the right education they will end up with successful jobs which will help our economy improve and grow. Liberals have much to fear from angry parents who have watched classroom conditions deteriorate and schools close. NDP government will invest $250 million in additional federal student grants over four years and with an emphasis on helping students who need it most. The British Columbia green will invest $65 million over 4 years to support co-op and work experience programs for high school and undergraduate students. They will also set up a Post-Secondary Education Task Force to identify ways to make post-secondary education more relevant, accessible and affordable.

    Heath Care:
    The $5 billion commitment to home care and mental health over ten years is most welcome but there is no requirement that this money be spent on the public health care system, as opposed to private services. They should make make home care more available, prescription drugs more affordable, and mental health care more accessible. They should also develop a pan-Canadian collaboration on health innovation, and will improve access to necessary prescription medications. They should make high quality mental health services more available to Canadians who need them, including our veterans and first responders.

    Families are concerned about the education plan and health care the most. I feel like they should focus on what the families need and want. Making decisions that the people want will increase the voting. It’s important to know what the people want so it will be easier to know what to focus on. Strong supporters of the National Child Care Program that was cut by the Conservative Government in 2006, the NDP have remained strong advocates for high quality affordable child care.

  • Sarfaraz Nabi

    Economy: I think that the taxes are to high for those people who can not afford to pay them and can not pay the taxes. I think they should reduce the taxes for the people that are not able to pay the taxes. They should have some type of system for the people that can not pay their taxes instead of them worrying about it.

    Environment: I think we should not be paying for carbon and they should be reducing that greenhouse gasses and be focusing on the climate. they should be reducing the carbon from the air and having clear air.

    Education: College/University is very expensive now a days. Some students are not able to pay their tuition for their courses and they have to give up the chance of going to school and have to work and pay it for it and some students have to get student loans and students usually end up in debt and can not pay it. They end up having to worry about paying the debt.

    Health Care: The people that do not have coverage of their medical have to pay so much money for all of their medical like the dentist the eye doctor and for their family doctor they have to pay for it. I think that the people that can not pay for it should not have to pay for it and have it covered no matter what and the people that can pay for it should pay for it.

    Family: Most families are concerned about school and the kids education. Also they are concerned about that outside world and about gang stuff happening around the neighbourhood and all the bad things going on I think they should make it safer and better. Also i think they should have more help for the families that have low income and can not provide for their kids.

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